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SI varsity boys' basketball team tours Argentina
SI varsity boys' basketball team tours Argentina

Coach Rob Marcaletti '96 wrote the following to parents of his players:

We arrived in Bariloche on Friday night, and the last couple of days have been full of Argentina culture, school and basketball. We immediately went to the gym for a brief shoot-around to stretch our legs after a long day of travel followed by a sponsored dinner of Argentinian sausage and burgers hosted by all the teachers at the local high school.

Saturday, we participated in a wheelchair basketball game vs. the local team and hosted a basketball clinic for 100 kids, some of whom drove for over an hour to come to the clinic. About 150 to 200 parents and friends watched on the sidelines. After the clinic we were able to get in a practice followed by dinner.

Sunday, we woke up to 2-4 inches of fresh snow and proceeded to have a team-wide snowball fight on the hotel lawn at 9 a.m. We then took a 30-minute boat ride across the lake followed by a hike through a forest on an island that is the only place in the world to house the famous "Orange Trees." After our boat trip, there were 10 families waiting for us on the dock who picked us up and fed us lunch at their homes with their families. After lunch we went back to the gym to find the local team along with 150+ fans waiting to watch our practice and watch a mixed intersquad game with our two teams.

It is currently 8:43 am and all our players are in class at the local high school from 8 to 10 a.m. At 10 a.m., we will participate in a daily hour-long school-wide meditation and siesta. Guys definitely have a new appreciation of "how good we have it" as we were forced to walk to school this morning at 7:45 a.m. in the wind and snow.

Later today we are taking a trip to a local ski resort. The trip has been great thus far and we are looking forward to the upcoming days.

Thanks and Go 'Cats!

- Coach Marcaletti