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National Poetry Month: Fr. John Mossi, SJ ''62
National Poetry Month: Fr. John Mossi, SJ ''62

Sabbatical Decompression

By John P. Mossi, SJ '62

God rested on the seventh day.
The Supreme CEO set the standard for sabbatical intermission.
For some, sabbatical rest is the ultimate proof of a Benevolent Being
Who grants welcomed recreation for reading, writing, and decompressing.

Most sabbaticals are not as dramatic as the Genesis big bang.
After all, God did emplace a lot of infrastructure in six poetic days.
Quite a Guinness record of divine imagination
That still holds to this day.

And while the seventh day reigns as the first official chill out,
This interlude is not about self-absorption or avoidance of responsibility.
Sabbatical implies intentional reflection on universe and humanity.
Gazing upon all that was made, God said, "It is very good."

Sabbatical leisure allow us to revisit the energy and mystery of the first six days
To ponder the pervasive imago Dei stamped in nature's core,
Located in the structural identity of creation, the DNA of Adam and Eve,
Their complex what's, how's, differences and relationships.

In the midst of constant busyness, overextended commitments, and endless distractions,
Sabbatical calls us to stop for our own sanity's sake and for God's sake.
Renewed with serene insight, we return home with refreshed lens
To appreciate our dignity and beauty within the majesty of this graced world.

Fr. John P. Mossi, SJ, is Director of Benefactor Relations for Jesuits West Province.