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El Paso immersion returns with border experiences
El Paso immersion returns with border experiences

The El Paso immersion trip of seven members of the Class of 2019, led by Sister Sharon Brannen and Spanish teacher Joseph Bommarito, returned June 17 from two weeks on the border near El Paso. Joe reports the following: "Some anecdotes include meeting border patrol agent David Zapp who said that 95 percent of migrants are crossing because of economic opportunities and 5 percent are participating in criminal activity. We crossed the border by car and by foot. Crossing by foot back into the US, we passed CBP (US Customs and Border Protection) standing on the bridge. They are stationed half way apparently turning away asylum seekers before they reach the official checkpoint indoors. Students got to live with and share meals with an asylum seeker and her child for a week, go to federal court in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and see people being processed for unauthorized entry, listen to the stories of migrants, play with their children at a summer program through our host church, meet Dra. Mendoza who is providing low-cost health care for folks in the colonia of Anapra near Juárez, and pray with the community."

Students from the Class of 2019 who went included Kelly Connolly, Sydney Cook-Jeffris, Lucas Laughlin, Sophia Russo, Airol Anne Ubas, Cameron Hagey and Nathaniel Washington.

Students in New Mexico speak with a child on the Meixcan side of the border wall.

In front of border wall on the Ciudad Juárez, México side, from left: Sophia, Cameron, Lucas, Kelly, Syd, Nate, Airol.