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All Souls Intentions

Dear Friends,

As our summer memories recede behind us, we find ourselves once again immersed in our daily routines. Perhaps like Martha, we find ourselves “anxious and worried about many things” (Luke 10:40). The upcoming month of November allows us to pause for a moment and call to mind our deceased family members and friends. Their love for us enfleshed God’s love and powerfully touched our hearts. We lift these faithful departed up to God with our prayers of appreciation and Thanksgiving.

The Jesuit Community at St. Ignatius College Preparatory joins with you as you pray for your loved ones. Like the poor man Lazarus may they “be carried away by angels to the bosom of Abraham” (Luke 16:22).

Throughout the month of November the Jesuit Community will remember all your beloved deceased at our daily celebration of the Eucharist. We invite you to fill out the enclosed card with the names of your deceased loved ones and return it to us at your earliest convenience. These cards will rest on the altar in our community chapel throughout November.

May the God of all consolation bless you and your family now and forever. Amen.

John T. Mitchell, S.J. ’58
Superior of the SI Jesuit Community

Edward A. Reese, S.J.
President, St. Ignatius College Preparatory