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At SI, we teach the value of service to self, service to society, and service to God – the Great Commandment.

We teach students to value and to love selfless service, as this allows them to be fully alive and fully human. We serve with our words, with our hands, with our hearts, and with our creative thoughts. Becoming loving, generous persons with and for others doesn't happen through one program or club, but through most of our academic and co-curricular programs.

Through the required volunteer hours, students are exposed to volunteer opportunities in direct service, justice formation, and advocacy, all facilitating learning beyond the classroom. The hope is that these experiences transform our hearts and, ultimately, lead our students to be change agents in the world.

The Office of Community Service and Social Justice supports students who walk with those in need. As a vital aspect of our Ignatian character, we invite students to engage in service with and for others, both as a part of their academic requirements and as a part of their everyday lives.

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