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Parent Involvement

Parents are welcome and involved in nearly every aspect of life at SI.

From large events such as the annual Fashion Show, Auction, and International Food Faire, to regular affinity group meetings, parents gather to enjoy themselves, build community, and grow, themselves.

All Parents

See the full archive of announcements, events, and other communications sent to current SI parents. Visit Current Families pages.

African-American and Latino Parents Association

AALPA is a multicultural, multiracial group of volunteer parents, grandparents, and guardians that promotes family equity, education, support, and mentorship via social and networking opportunities. Through outreach efforts in our communities, AALPA seeks to raise awareness of the educational opportunities at SI for Latino and African American students. Visit the AAPLA page.

Fathers' Club

Membership in the SI Fathers' Club is automatic, extended to all SI fathers and dads. Parents of both current and former students work together to craft friendships, support the school, and enrich the SI community. Visit the Fathers' Club page.

Ignatian Guild

Membership in the Ignatian Guild is automatic, extended to all SI mothers and moms. The Guild is dedicated to creating an inclusive, nurturing, and fun community through volunteerism, friendship, and camaraderie. Visit the Ignatian Guild page.

SI Parents Asian Club

SIPAC aims to provide support, advice, mentorship, and assistance predominantly, but not exclusively, to the Asian parent community and parents of Asian children at SI. Many of its activities seek to celebrate and increase awareness of Asian culture and heritage within the SI community. Visit the SIPAC page.

Adult Spirituality

Visit the Adult Spirituality page.