On - Campus

Summer Tuesdays (Workshops)
If you're attending Summer Tuesdays, I'll be offering workshops. What are Summer Tuesdays? Paul hosts time in the summer for faculty to collaborate/plan/prep for fall on campus  (lunch included) alongside other colleagues. If you happen to be on campus, sign up for a workshop that interests you. I'll be on campus for the months of June and August-just set up a one:one.

Seeking Pilot Classes for next Year: Managing Distraction (iPad app)
We're piloting an app next Fall which promises to get students to unplug and engage while giving powerful classroom data to educators. We purchased 150 licenses for next Fall. Please email me if you are interested in piloting. Their pitch video. Click link for more info:  Flipd app next Fall.


Ed Tech Conference in San Antonio (2 spots for SI Teachers available): ISTE
Is ed tech an area of professional growth for you? ISTE is a major ed tech conference with strands covering flipped classroom, effective iPad usage, online or blended learning, AR/VR in the classroom, Google apps for education etc. I'm looking for 2 teachers interested in attending. More topics can be found here: http://conference.iste.org/2017/. The keynote speaker for the conference is Jennie Magiera. She is by far one of the most innovative keynotes I've ever heard! If you're interested, please let me know.

Looking for something Local
If you're looking for something for more local in the bay area: https://goo.gl/vpBeWi

Ed Tech Summer Workshops in Menlo (STEM and World Languages)
Click link to learn more or register to see a full list of workshops. 

Coding for Teachers I
Are you interested in learning code this summer? http://bit.ly/2pQPS2m. Why learn code?


Free two day web-based conference on Big Data (July 20 and 21, 2017)
This year's sessions will focus on big data, citizen science, privacy and personal data, and ethical use of data. Direct link to registration

Coding for Teachers II
The Krause Center for Innovation is also offering two sessions for "coding PD for all". There will be two sessions: June 19-22 and July 17-20. Because these sessions are funded predominantly by an outside vendor, the cost for the sessions will be very reasonable. They expect these sessions to fill quickly. Link to sign up for more info: KCI Coding PD for all  Workshop Page

Other Notes & Links

Google Links to explore over the summer:

Draftback - Play back the revision history of your Google documents. FREE

OneTab - Combine all of your Google Chrome tabs into one list. FREE

Google Tone - Share a URL with any nearby computer using a series of beeps. FREE

Changes to Turnitin starting August 2017
For those of you that use Turnitin (via Canvas), there will be a new workflow that may impact grading and the student's submission workflow. Starting in August, the old way of using Turnitin in Canvas will retire and there will be a new process, referred to as the "Turnitin LTI".  Click here to find out more about this new process (skip to 35 seconds).  The new LTI is available now for folks to start testing out. We're seeking pilots for this new LTI. Drop by for training during any of these times:Tuesday, 5/9 Lower Lunch or Thursday 5/11 Lower/Upper lunch. Just come by my office if you have questions. *This does not impact those of you using Turnitin via the Turnitin website.

Interesting Read: "The Fuzzy and the Techie"by Scott Hartley
"Today's technological economy requires both the liberal arts and STEM education to innovate and truly thrive. Gain valuable insight into how we humanize technology in a broad range of fields.Hartley’s emphasis on the blending of “fuzzy” and “techie” helps us understand how to humanize our products, data, and algorithms, and use technology to solve some of society’s gravest challenges". Learn more about the book.


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