Through the Eyes of a Student: Shadow a Student Challenge

The Shadow a Student Challenge is a movement of over 1,500 educators. The purpose is to identify meaningful opportunities to improve the student experience. Last year, educators and school leaders across the world immersed themselves in student life for a day. Click here to learn how this challenge works and sign up before February 2nd. Check out some amazing stories from 2016's challenge. Click the toolkit to see how teachers are taking shadowing experiences and converting them to insight-driven actions. 

Around the Corner: How to Use Technology Mindfully Jan 19 

How to control your digital devices so they don't control you. Join this conversation with David M. Levy, Professor and Author of the Mindful Tech (Yale, University Press). He'll share "pluses and minuses of our online lives." Levy will share tools and insights for being "more relaxed, attentive, emotionally balanced while online." The event is coming up soon on January 19, 7:00PM. Click for Tickets to this event at the Cal Institute of Integral Studies. 

Canvas NEW Feature Webinar: Mastery Paths for Students 

Canvas Mastery Paths delivers different learning experiences to students based on how they perform on a course activity to improve learning outcomes. Watch the Mastery Paths Webinar:  The webinar covers Mastery Paths strategies and possible hang up's if you plan to pilot.  Email me if you're interested in piloting in the beta environment. From another lens, this interesting blog post challenges the idea of mastery as the only outcome. 

Demo in the Faculty Room on Jan 25: Prowise Board 

 As we continue to think about what technologies can best support students in the future, we've invited Prowise to do a hands on demo of their interactive table/board in the faculty room. For those of you who missed the last demo, drop by and ask questions. The monitor is mobile, can be converted to a table and supports multiple points of touch. There is no sign up for this. Also feel free to reach out to Pedro, Jamie or Carole who have also seen a hands-on demo. The demo will take place after school from 3:00- 4:15.There will be snacks. The board will be on site from Jan 23 - Jan 31 in case you want to pilot it in your classroom. 

Looking Beyond the App Store

In this research article posted in the Journal Information Technology Education, researchers Lee and Cherner write about the "pressing need for an evaluation rubric that examines all aspects of educational apps." How are teachers assessing the Apps they use? Are teachers looking beyond app reviews and investigating higher level attributes such as the "value of errors" i.e. how does the "app allow learners to make mistakes and learn from their experience." Does the app allow teachers to deliver immediate and high-quality feedback? Other questions include: Is the app culturally sensitive? "When cultural sensitivity is taken into consideration, learners of all backgrounds can access educational apps [without] insensitive content or hurtful representations." Other rating categories include "accommodation of individual differences, pace and the student's ability to save their progress."  Example of going beyond the Tech in Math.

MERIT Program: Accepting Applications, Paid Opportunity 

Krause Center for Innovation is seeking teachers in the Bay Area. Deadline to apply is around the corner: Jan 19. The MERIT Program seeks to show through qualitative and quantitative measures that engaging technology in the hands of a well-trained teacher can improve student learning. Participants have the opportunity to learn to use and contribute to a variety of resources for collaboration, and are required to design projects not simply to provide dynamic learning experiences for their students, but also create open educational resources that will be of value to other teachers and students beyond the Bay Area.

Podcast on Talking or Texting? 

In this podcast, Michael Rosen dives into the idiosyncratic relationship between the synchronous and asynchronous modes of texting and talking. How does the nature of relationships influence texting and social media and how is the skill of writing (online) disrupting social structures? He is joined by  "Dr. Mirca Madianou from the University of London. Madianou will share research on mothers in the Philippines who've come to work in the UK and then try to look after their children back home by Skype." How does technology "allow them to be mothers again"? In the podcast, Dr. Laura Wright (Univ. of Wisconsin) also shares her research on texting and managing stress on girls.

Quick Links

Big Blue Button: Allows you to create/embed screencasts and flipped videos in your Canvas course. 

What can students/teachers do in Canvas on various mobile devices? (PDF Overview)

Off Campus Workshops/Events

Two-Day Intensive workshop on integrating Making into your own practice. 3-D printing, Electronics etc., No experience necessary. Open to K-12 Educators. Feb. 2- 3 at the Lighthouse Creativity Lab. 

Worlds Fair Nano  at Pier 70, Jan 28-29, " The Future will be Epic":  Two day festival on tech, art, music and food

Trustey STEM Teaching Fellows Program: Competitive program focused on increasing student interest and learning in STEM disciplines 

Online Workshops 

Online Tutorials on "Maker-type" topics from Arduino to Embroidery, Bread to Wearable Electronics

JVLA Ignatian Teaching Certificate in Blended and Online Learning: Find out more about this and other JVLA Spring offerings., or follow this link to view their entire Spring directory of courses. 

Preventing Cheating on Canvas: 5 min webinar on  LockDown Browser. Teachers can register and access the video at: Email Jen if you're interested in piloting. 


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