Olympic Lifting

The following videos are from Mike Burgener, Regional Olympic Training Coach and founder of Mike's Gym, a USA Weightlifting Regional Training Center.

These videos are meant to serve the athlete and coach as a supplement to the training routines established in the St. Ignatius Wildcat Strength and Conditioning Program.

They are not to be considered a substitute for group or individual instruction as part of a team or group workout, nor should the exercised be attempted by untrained athletes.

All athletes training in the videos are being supervised by certified trainers.


Go to CrossFit.com; scroll down to Olympic Lifts to find these and more:

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Bar Complex (snatch progression)

Power Clean Basics

Snatch Basics

Importance of Jumping in Oly lifts

Overhead Squat (snatch squat technique)

Overhead Squat (snatch squat scientific explanation)