Wildcat Readiness Program

Off Season Training Program offered during the school year for all athletes preparing for upcoming sports season.

Winter Session begins Monday, November 19th.

Meet outside new weight room at 2:40 Monday through Friday. Workouts last approximately 30 minutes.

This year, we will also be hosting open workouts during resource periods.  These workouts will be no longer than 30 minutes and will follow the same curriculum as the afternoon workouts. 

No need to sign up, just show up.

Athletes are encouraged to attend at least 2 workouts/week.

Home Workout for the Winter Break (20 minutes)

Jump Rope (5 minutes)

4x10 Heavy Back Pack Squats 

tighten straps so back pack is firmly in place on your back.  Keep chest upright, flat back and feet flat on floor in shoulder width stance.  With hips out behind you, squat down to paralell and hold for a full count. Return to standing ready position with legs slightly bent at knees.



3x5 each leg Light Back Pack Overhead Split Squat

with backpack in one hand, press overhead and lock elbow straight. Shrug shoulder up to ear to stabilze the bag.

Step forward with opposite leg into a lunge position.

Perform 5 squats.

switch bag to other hand and step forward to squat 5x with other leg.


4x10 Push ups  

easy: hands on chair or table

regular: flat on floor

challenge: feet on chair

difficult: on floor with one foot off the ground


4x10 Bent over Rows with medium weight back pack

Knees bent, flat back, hanging with chest spead over feet. Hold back pack by shoulder straps and pull toward chest with elbows tucked to sides.


5 minutes of abs:

20 full sit ups

10 supermans w :03 hold.

10 side crunches to each side

10 supermans w :03 hold

:30 of cherry pickers

10 supermans w :03 hold

20 full sit ups with alternating toe touch

1 superman :30 hold


Also, you may want to check out the Nike Fitness App...great user interface with quick time video and many exercises and workouts at your fingertips! 

Coming Soon!

Jr. Wildcat Readiness Program


This program is designed for the Junior High athlete (7th and 8th Graders) asan introduction to the fundamentals of strength and conditioning for sports.  Conducted by our team of certified S&C professionals in our top-notch facilities using proven training methods—this promises to be an awesome experience for your sons and daughters!

Coming in the spring of 2013…don’t miss it!

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