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Summer 2011 Camp Schedule

Training for the HS Athlete

Training for the HS Athlete is the first phase of our Wildcat Readiness Program (a year round program for freshman athletes preparing for upcoming sports seasons). The work we begin in this 2 week summer camp will prepare the athlete for Fall sport tryouts. Training for the HS Athlete is an advanced and demanding experience for freshman only.

*This camp is highly recommended for all freshman sport candidates.

Open to incoming freshman only.

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Camp Schedule: Summer '11

Session 1: June 20th-July 1st 9am-noon

Session 2: July 11th-22nd 9am-noon

Wildcat Boot Camp        

Starting June 16th

Wildcat Boot Camp will incorporate a variety of strength, speed, agility and endurance routines performed in and outside of the normal training facilities on and near the SI campus. A typical workout may include a jog to the beach as warm up, followed by circuit work on the beach concluding with a jog back to campus. Athletes can expect to learn many alternative exercises that do not incorporate machines or traditional free weight exercises. Rocks, logs, rope climbing, body weight movements are the norm. It promises to be the most challenging and fun workout you can imagine!

All current St. Ignatius Athletes and incoming Freshmen prospective athletes are welcome!

every Thursday beginning June 16th,

from 7:15-8:45am at Rivera crossover

Ocean Beach

Olympic Weight Lifting

This unique 4 day camp introduces the camper to the world of competitive weightlifting. They will learn the Snatch and Clean and Jerk movements. Instruction will incorporate video analysis of top world lifters and of each camper. Olympic variations will also be incorporated throughout camp. Guest speakers and coaches’ demonstrations will be a high point of each day’s program. Weight class competitions will be included on the final day of camp.

(All instruction will begin with 15 pound bars, and no lifter will attempt a weight without demonstrating proficiency in the movement with a lighter weight.)

Camp Dates: not offered this Summer. please contact us if you are interested so we can continue to evaluate this camp offering.