Strength & Conditioning Intership Program

The Qualified Intern Candidate shall demonstrate excellent verbal communications skills along with basic competencies in Kinesiology including exercise physiology and biomechanics.  Preferred applicant has experience in athletics through at least the high school level.  Experience with small and large group management a plus. 

Other:  Applicants with certifications in related instructional fields (i.e., NASM, NSCA, ACSM, USAW) are eligible for paid internship position.  First Aid/CPR may be completed on site if you are placed in our program.

This internship is a great opportunity to build competencies in many modalities (Olympic, TRX/RIP, Free Weight, SAQ, Plyos) and get priceless perks like CEUs, conferences and clinics on site and in the area will be included for all interns. 


Tony Calvello, BA, NSCA-CSCS, USAW
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
St. Ignatius College Preparatory
or call

Intern Site and Supervisor Evaluations

“The general environment of Saint Ignatius is very conducive to learning. All of the coaches on staff were very helpful and positive. If I ever had any questions pertaining to anything in strength and conditioning, school, or even lifestyle, I felt comfortable asking anyone on staff, especially Tony. For being a busy guy, Tony is extremely available. I can ask him anything and he will stop what he is doing to give a complete answer. He would also welcome me to voice my own opinions on the matter, so his answer would become a discussion. Also, Tony was always available through email, and we kept a group text that he would communicate to all of us through. Overall, it was an awesome place to work.” 
Spring Intern Reflections from 2015

“This internship has taught me to strip things back down to basic movements when the athletes are struggling to keep up with the technique. I found that it had also improved my improvisational skills when it came to delivering sessions. I found the school was a very comfortable learning environment and Tony always made sure that he answered any queries that I had. There was very little time to adapt to the sessions so you pretty much had to jump straight in and give it a go.” 
Summer Intern Reflections from 2015