St. Ignatius

Origins of the Wildcat Mascot

As reported in SI's school newspaper, the Red and Blue, on January 25, 1928:


Late in 1926, it will be remembered, a series of notices appeared on the bulletin board regarding the finding of a new name for our athletic teams. They had been christened the Gray Fog by a prominent sports writer, and the name clung to them, but it was desired to find a more appropriate term. The student bodies of both college and high school failed to respond, with the result that the name Gray Fog remained, and the high school teams were called the Foglets, or the Drab Drizzle.

With the separation of college and high school, it has been found desirable to distinguish the teams more strongly. Since the college was originally dubbed the Gray Fog, the Board of Control thinks it fitting that the college lightweights be called the Foglets, and the name has already been applied to them.

This leaves the high school in an advantageous position. Objections have come in from various quarters to the name Foglets, and now we have the opportunity to rechristen the teams permanently.

The Board believes that there has been ample time for the students to make suggestions, and since none have been offered, it has taken the matter into its own hands.

The name Wildcats has been decided upon, as best symbolizing the spirit of the high school teams. They have always been lighter than their opponents, and always been noted for their fighting spirit when in difficulties. Their goal line defense, and last-minute rallies on the basketball court, have been proverbial.

Moreover, it seems to be the universal custom to name teams after some animal. St. Ignatius can now take her place with the Cogswell Dragons, the Commerce Bulldogs, the Poly Parrots, and the Galileo Lions.

It is expected that in a few weeks the name will have universally taken the place of Foglets.