St. Ignatius



An interscholastic athletic program as a co-curricular activity is an integral part of the total educational and growth experience at St. Ignatius. Athletics is designed to affirm and promote the Ignatian values as stated in the Graduate-at-Graduation document and engage student-athletes fully in mind, body, and spirit.

Student-athletes, coaches, and parents are called upon to work together in a true spirit of sportsmanship to assist in creating an environment in which those Ignatian values can be revealed, tested, and proven relevant both to participants and the entire school community.

Through participation in athletics at St. Ignatius, students will mature physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. They will learn to take responsibility for personal growth by developing loyalty, pride, integrity, and commitment. Athletics provides the opportunity for the student-athlete to exhibit a progression of physical skills and knowledge of a particular sport, enabling him/her to apply these skills and knowledge to new situations and a variety of learning formats.

Through participation in athletics the student-athlete learns that God is active in all things and that individual and liturgical prayer will bring him/her closer to God. The student-athlete comes to trust that he/she is known and loved by God, and that this invites a personal response, which is an expression of movement within the individual beyond self-interest or self-centeredness. The student-athlete is called to be conscious of the call to be a leader in service and to acknowledge his/her active commitment toward fostering fairness and justice in society.

Every member of the St. Ignatius school community must seek to encourage, instill, and foster such growth and development in all student-athletes.