Fall Sports - Lower Level Banquet Info:
10/8/19 - B F/JV WP @ CCSF (after game) 
10/22/19 - G JV WP @ CCSF (after game) 
10/22/19 - G F/JV VB IN Student Center (after game) 
10/24/19 - G JV Ten IN Student Center (after match)
10/29/19 - JV FH @ Fairmont (after game) 
11/2/19 -Frosh FB IN Student Center (after game)
11/7/19 -Cross Country - North Field BBQ
11/9/19 - JV FB IN Student Center (after game)
12/2/19 - Fall Varsity Banquet @ Multiple Locations on Campus
Winter Media Day - 11/23/19 (9:00 AM -1:00 PM)
Winter Sport Parent Meeting - 11/2/19 (6 -7:30PM)
Please make sure you are registered on Family ID for your son/daughter to participate in S.I. Sports 

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