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Performing Arts for Students

Please know that this information below might change as public health standards adjust in this pandemic.  The safety of our students and our staff is our utmost concern. 

Performing arts is really excited to get back to work this semester. Things will be a bit different but what will not change is the fun times we all will have in the performing arts. Below is information on both auditions and rehearsals procedures. Our plan will be to perform in the spring using the fall for rehearsals and preparation time.                                           

If you missed our opening kick off performing arts meeting at on Monday, August 24.  Please email your director with questions.  Their email address are below.

If you are an Athlete that would like to participate in both Athletics and Performing Arts - please let your director know at the audition so the discussing can begin on how to manage both activities.

Contact Mr. Curry, Director of Performing Arts, with questions.


Check out our new online videos of past work


This informational video will introduce you to the Star Program

2020 Fall Play & PLAYWRIGHT CAST

Auditions are complete for this semesters Fall Play - if you wish to join Playwright Festival please email Mr. Curry



Contact Mr. Curry with questions

2021- 21 Dance workshop 

Dance Workshop placement auditions are complete.   If you are interested in Dance  Workshop and missed the placement auditions, please contact Ms. Shick

Questions: contact Ms. Emily Shick

2020 - 2021 CHORAL

First Choral Rehearsal in Wednesday Sept 9th after school

First rehearsal zoom link

Meeting ID: 933 0161 8843

Password: Music

This fall, we are pivoting to do some fun new things w our choirs!  Please watch the introduction video above to get a better idea of what our

groups will be doing. Participation in both choirs is encouraged!

Music Theory for Singers: (Chamber Singers)

  • Sight reading techniques that will help you with auditions, performances, etc.  

  • Ear training and audiation (thinking in music)

  • Learn simple notation with Musescore

  • Advanced students will have the project of arranging and presenting a song for choir 

Distance Choir: (Mixed Chorus)

  • Virtual Choirs in a more real way

  • In this class, we will be learning and recording music to combine into a final "Album" of our work.

  • You will participate in a small group where your group project will be to create a virtual choir video

  • Create a master track

    • Record yourselves

    • Mix audio

    • Create a video for your song

  • There will also be full group songs.

If you have any questions please contact Ms. Gomes at:

2020 - 2021 TECH THEATRE


Stage Crew is responsible for the scenery, lighting and sound for all the Performing Arts Productions.  Students may be involved with building or painting sets, hanging and focusing lights, stage managing the productions, and/or being a part of the Run Crews for specific productions.  This fall , in leiu of in-person stage crew sessions, we will be having online tech theatre classes.  The various classes will be help after school.  Placement into each class will be at the discretion of the Tech Director, Mr. Lam.   If you are interested in any of these classes please email Mr. Lam at the link below and state which class you are most interested in.   

Click the link below for more detailed information of each class

Intro to Tech Theatre

Stage Lighting

Stage Management

Stage Craft

Contact Mr. Lam  with Stage Crew questions



Will begin once classes resume for in-person study.   We will provide additional information later in the fall.  

Contact Ms. Ritchey with Costume Crew questions

2020-21 ORCHESTRA 

Auditions are complete for this semesters Orchestra - if you wish to join orchestra please email Dr. Clements

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Clements at:

2020-21 Jazz Band

Auditions are complete for this semesters Jazz Band - if you wish to join Jazz Band please email Mr. Green

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Green at



Audition Process

Musical & Cabaret auditions take place together in November either in person in Bannan Theatre or on Zoom.  There is a vocal audition and a dance audition - you must go to both.  You must fill out an audition form and vocal time sign up form (links below)

Additional Information

Vocal Date TBA

Dance Date :TBA

Must fill out both:               

Audition Form Link                 

Vocal Audition Time Sign up Link - TBA

Audition Song Link

Contact Mr. Curry with musical questions

Contact Ms. Shick with Cabaret questions