St. Ignatius

About the Choral Program

Mixed Chorus

This chorus is open to all students regardless of musical background or experience.  The students in this classes will have an opportunity to go on to one of the advanced choirs after completing a year (sometimes less) in Mixed Chorus.  Students in these classes must attend all festivals and concert performances as indicated on the rehearsal/performance calendar and MUST attend the after school rehearsals as scheduled on the choir’s master calendar.

Chamber Singers

Chamber Singers is open by audition or invitation of the director only.  Usually, a year or two in Mixed Chorus precedes a student’s participation in this class.  The music in this class tends to be more sophisticated and mature, and the class moves quickly and students are expected to keep up.  There are a number of after-school and evening rehearsals and performances required and choral festivals that are typically scheduled during the regular school day.

Chamber Singers is designed for students who read music well and have exhibited a high degree of commitment to the program. In a very few cases a freshman may be considered for this class if they show a high degree of musical expertise. In general, Chamber Singers is comprised of juniors and seniors with more developed vocal skills and technique, with a few select sophomores. Students in this class must attend all festivals, competitions and choir tour. This class may be repeated only at the discretion of the director.

Concert Choir

The SI Concert Choir is the combination of all choir classes at St. Ignatius College Prep. Every student in any choral ensemble is a member of this choir regardless of which choir they are enrolled in. Concert Choir performs concert literature of all kinds: secular, sacred, contemporary, multicultural, etc. They perform the classics of great choral music by the master composers and perform in numerous languages. All students in Concert Choir participate in the winter and spring concerts and ACDA/CMEA choral festivals throughout the school year.