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SI has one of the top high school choral programs in Northern California.

The choirs have performed throughout the city of San Francisco and greater Bay Area, participated in choral festivals and competitions, and traveled on performance tours around the world.

Mixed Chorus

Mixed Chorus is a large mixed voice ensemble that typically performs SATB choral music with limited splits. This chorus is open to all students regardless of musical background or experience. If you have the time and interest, this ensemble is for you! The students in this class will have an opportunity to go on to one of the advanced choirs after completing a year (sometimes less) in Mixed Chorus. Students in Mixed Chorus must attend all festivals and concert performances as indicated on the rehearsal/performance calendar and must attend the once-a-week after school rehearsals. 


Chamber Singers

Chamber Singers is designed for students who read music well and have exhibited a high degree of commitment to the SI Choral program. In a very few cases a freshman may be considered for this class if they show a high degree of musical expertise. In general, Chamber Singers is comprised of juniors and seniors with more developed vocal skills and technique, with a few select sophomores. Members of this ensemble are selected each semester to be featured as student conductors and student composers. These leaders work with our choirs to teach songs and perform them in concert. 

Enrollment for this class is capped at 20 students. Students in this class must attend all festivals and competitions scheduled for the year. This class may be repeated only at the discretion of the director. This ensemble meets twice a week in the mornings and requires concurrent enrollment in Mixed Chorus.


Treble Singers

This is a new ensemble for SI Choirs! Treble Singers is a Chamber group of 12-15 singers that sings treble SAA and SSAA arrangements. Members of this auditioned ensemble must demonstrate strong musicianship and have previous choral experience. If you are a soprano or alto who wants to make high level music, this is the group for you. This ensemble meets twice a week in the mornings and requires concurrent enrollment in Mixed Chorus.


Additional Information

About Choral Director Audrey Gomes

B.A. Vocal Performance and B.S. Marketing, Santa Clara University 2017. SCU Descalzi Award 2016. M.M. Kodaly Theory and Education Emphasis, Holy Names University 2020. 

I have been incredibly blessed to be part of many performing groups as both a singer and instrumentalist. This includes gospel choirs, madrigal groups, many chamber singing groups, New Music ensembles, and even a Gamelan ensemble. 

As a musician, I think it is important to keep your instrument in the best shape possible. As singers, our instruments are our bodies, and keeping our instruments in shape means treating our bodies well. I like to focus on proper technique and healthy singing with my students. I also emphasize the importance of reading music, having an impeccable ear, and trying new things. 

I embrace the Kodaly Music Education philosophy that relies on a heavy music theory emphasis in conjunction with ear training. I try my best to act as a teacher that embodies one of Zoltan Kodaly’s best quotes; "Teach music and singing at school in such a way that it is not a torture but a joy for the pupil; instill a thirst for finer music in them, a thirst which will last for a lifetime." ~ Zoltan Kodaly

I live in Oakland with my cat Gertie and husband Dean-Austin. Most weekends, you can find me performing with my family band at wineries throughout the Bay Area.