St. Ignatius

Alumni Volunteer Corps

The Alumni Volunteer Corps program is currently on a hiatus for the 2022-23 academic year. Please check back for further updates. Thanks for your patience.

What is the Alumni Volunteer Corps?

The Alumni Volunteer Corps is an 11-month program (Aug-July) which provides recent college graduates who are interested in deepening the spiritual aspect of their life and developing their talents for the greater glory of God, with an opportunity to serve youth and “give back” to their alma mater. Volunteers help SI achieve the mission of the school, and are rewarded through mentoring the next generation of SI students and helping to meet the daily needs of the school.  Volunteers will have the opportunity to rotate through various departments and perform volunteer duties under the supervision of teachers and staff.

AVC Tenets

Community - Beyond the work, an important element of the AVC experience will be life in community. All members will live together and will be intentional about structuring time for communal meals, communal prayer and reflection, and communal recreation.

Spirituality - The AVC program facilitates prayer, retreats, and other activities offering opportunities for volunteers to reflect on their faith journey and how to be open to deepening a relationship with God.

Service - The AVC program provides volunteers with an opportunity to not only use their talents to help others but also an opportunity to be enriched by others. The program  allows the members to return to SI and to commit again to being men and women with and for others.

Simplicity -  As part of a supportive community, volunteers will learn to prioritize relationships before material things, and make deliberate, intentional decisions about how to use their time, money, and talents.  This is a chance to make a difference and experience personal growth by living out a balanced lifestyle.

Program Benefits

  • Modest monthly stipend
  • Housing in a home near SI, including utilities, basic cable, and internet.
  • SF Muni bus pass 
  • Daily school lunches 
  • Intentional discuernment around graduate school and future career
  • Mid-year retreat with Alumni Volunteers from other Jesuit schools

Student Loan Information

While serving, Alumni Volunteers are still responsible for any student loans they have. But, there may be benefits available to you, including deferment.

Potential benefits depend on the type of loan you have (federal or private), the specific loan you have (Perkins, Stafford, Federal Direct, Federal Direct Consolidated, etc.), and what you intend to do after service. 

Contact your student loan provider to obtain information about your options.

Minimum Qualifications

  • A recent college graduate
  • Must have earned, or be in the process of earning, a degree from an accredited, reputable, four-year college or university. All majors are welcome to apply
  • Fully dedicated to a year of service and intentional community living
  • Interested and willing to deepen their spiritual life
  • Open to working with students, parents, faculty and administrators
  • Possess the desire to be challenged both at work and home
  • Applicant must demonstrate and maintain professionalism befitting a member of the SI faculty

How to Apply

  • CV/Resume
  • Personal Statement/Cover Letter
  • References & Recommendations
    • Include at least 2 references that can speak to your qualifications.
    • Mail at least 1 letter of recommendation to the address listed in the form.
  • Unofficial transcripts from all colleges/universities you attended since graduating from SI.

The priority application deadline is April 1, 2022. Applications will be accepted until May 1, 2022.  

AVC Members


  • Brian Bloom '17
  • Dessa Del Corro '16
  • Adela Valladares Lozano '16


  • Hart Ayoob '16
  • Meg Crowley '16
  • Ricky Matthews '15
  • Xander Paras '17
  • Andrew Stranahan '14
  • Manny Tonna '16


  • Georgia Davey '15
  • Nicholas Ng '15


  • Jacqueline Boland '14
  • Brooke Bruneman '13
  • Marilyn Murphy '14 (Kellenberg Memorial)


  • Dylan Angelson '13 (Bellarmine)
  • Audrey Gomez '12
  • Gabriel Hens Piazza '09


  • Kendall Jack '12
  • Lucia Moreno '12
  • Jill Murray '12


  • Philip Loeffler '11
  • Gina Pasquali '11
  • Ricca Sarmiento '11


  • Claude Donnelly '10 (SICP Chicago)
  • Katie Marconi '10
  • Brian McGovern '10