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Summer Programs

Dear SI Parents and Class of 2024,

Given the circumstances of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided that all of our summer offerings will be from a distance. While this is not ideal, we do feel like we can accommodate more high school students than in a typical summer. We recognize that many students do not ordinarily sign up for summer courses because of conflicts, and that many of those conflicts do not currently exist because of the pandemic. Consequently, we are currently able to try and meet an emerging demand for more high school students this summer.

One program that we are going to postpone is the very popular Cat Camp. We are going to try to determine a best date later in the summer very soon. This gives us some time to see if the relaxing of social distancing over time allows us to gather for most of the outings that make this camp such a great initial bonding experience. For more information and further updates, go to

Below are the remaining summer camps and classes for the class of 2024, offered from a distance, with price adjustments. Thank you in advance for your patience.


To find out more about these classes or to register, please go to

Cooking Camp (grades 6-9)
Digital Storytelling (grades 6-9)
Future Author's Workshop (grades 6-9)
Robotics & Engineering (grades 6-9)
Yoga (grades 6-9)

To find out more about these camps or to register, please go to

Nike Soccer
Nike Basketball

To find out more about these sports programs or to register, please go to

Please know that our staff is working hard and remains dedicated to making this summer special. For any of you families who have middle schoolers at home, and haven't signed up for a program for this summer, see what's still available now at

Please email your questions to

Thank you,
Bill Gotch
Director of St. Ignatius Summer Programs