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Frequently Asked Questions

What forms do I need to tryout?

There are multiple forms for an SI Athletic Department Family to complete and all forms must be completed online on FamilyID. Athletic families will be required to create and account and complete the following:
1) Ticket-To-Play Medical Clearance Form (CA State Law)
2) Completed Syllabus Acknowledgement Form (SI Athletic Department Policy)
3) Transportation Form (SI Athletic Department Policy)
4) CIF Cardiac Arrest Form (CA State Law)
5) CIF Concussion Form (CA State Law)
6) CIF Opioid Addiction Form (CA State Law)
Use this link to start the process:

How many tryout days will I get?

All Freshman athletes receive 3 days of tryouts in their first choice sport. Freshmen will get up to 3 days of tryouts if they go out for a second sport in the same season.
All JV and Varsity athletes receive up to 3 days of tryouts.

Can I tryout for more than 1 sport in a season?

Yes. You can tryout for another sport if you do not make your first choice sport. Athletes must communicate to both coaches prior to tryouts so logistics can be settled.

Can I play a club sport while playing a sport for SI?

Each program handles this question differently. Some of our programs will allow you to play a club sport during the high school season and some programs will not allow you to play both.

It is important to note that if an athlete plays a club sport while playing a sport for SI, the school practice and game are always the priority over the club commitment.

Can I play the same club sport while playing that same sport for SI?

The CIF does not allow an athlete to play the same sport in the same season. For example, you might be able to play club volleyball during the high school basketball season but you cannot play club volleyball during the high school volleyball season. Individual sports such as tennis, golf, swimming and track & field, and, the team sport of soccer have specific rules where you can play both but there are certain restrictions for each sport -- please contact the Athletic Director for these specific rulings.

Are there any fees to play sports at SI?

There are no athletic fees to play a sport at SI. Families are responsible to purchase some athletic gear on-line such as sweatshirts, t-shirts and some sport specific gear. The cost varies by sport. Varsity families are responsible for payments when SI team travel for overnight trips.

Does SI practice at off-campus sites?

Yes, we practice at multiple sites. We use Fairmont Field (Field Hockey, Soccer, Baseball and Softball) in Pacifica, Marchbank Park (Baseball) in Daly City, Gellert Field (Soccer and Lacrosse) in Daly City, and some rec fields in San Francisco. Our crew teams row at Lake Merced.

How will my son/daughter get to off-campus practices?

We provide school transportation to and from these locations for all Freshman and JV teams. Varsity team members, who have a valid California Driver’s License may drive themselves to these sites. On practice days, the return practice bus will arrive at SI before the 6:00 PM Peninsula and Marin buses depart.

How will my son/daughter get to away games all the way in San Jose?

We provide school transportation to many games. Most are 1-way trips with the expectation that parents will attend and drive their child home, or arrange car pools with other parents. There is no guarantee that a returning athlete from a game will make the late bus service home.

Can I pick my child up after the game and go home?

Many of our programs will allow you to take your child home after a contest. You will need to touch base with that coach and communicate that pick up information with him/her. For example, if we were to play a game in the East Bay, it would make sense for the East Bay family to pick up their son/daughter instead of going back to SI to be picked up and brought home. It is important to note that communication is vital by the family to the coach regarding these type of pick ups. There will also be sometimes when our coaches will ask all the team members to ride back in the bus as this is a team bonding moment as well.

Can I speak to the coach about the type of offense/defense the program runs?

A parent is not allowed to discuss two things with a coach:
1) Decisions regarding which athletes make or do not make a team
2) Team strategy and play calling

What can I talk to a coach about?

You may talk to a coach anytime there are concerns about the following:
1) the treatment of a son or daughter
2) about a son’s or daughter’s behavior
3) playing time
Please note that whenever a parent requests a meeting, the son/daughter must be involved in the communication and present at the meeting. If you want to meet with a coach, please make sure to follow the Athletic Program Communication Protocol - you must make an appointment if you have any of the above concerns.

When can I talk to a coach about these issues?

Meetings with coaches should never take place before or after a game. Please email the coach and ask for a time to meet and he/she will get back to you with a time and location.

Can our family vacation during the season?

Each athletic program produces a season syllabus which states the expectations of attendance for the season. In general, the expectation is that each member of the team will be at every practice and game. However, there are excused absences such as illness, meetings with a teacher/counselor, or a conflict with another SI event. Athletes generally practice during the school holidays and often times on the holidays themselves.
We have a family wedding in Utah during the season - can my child go to the wedding and
return to his/her starting position when he gets?

A family reunion or wedding could be an excused absence. If an athlete does travel during the season, the coach will not punish the athlete who missed the team events. He/she would reward those athletes who were in attendance. For example, if the starting point guard of the basketball team went away for 7 days during Christmas vacation while the team practiced, that guard would have to earn his/her time back at practice before playing in a game.

Can my son or daughter play JV or Varsity?

Yes. There are times when a freshman can compete at a higher level. We let the coach make that decision at try-outs if a freshman can play at the JV or Varsity level.
Can my freshman son or daughter workout with the team in the off-season?
We have some opportunities for freshmen to attend some open facilities in different sports throughout the year

Can my freshman son or daughter play with the high school program in the summer before the first day of school?

No. Our West Catholic Athletic League policy states that freshmen are not allowed to participate on high school teams until the Fall start date or the first day of school.

What is the minimum GPA for an athlete to participate?

The minimum GPA requirement is a 2.0.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email the Athletic Director at