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Campus Visits


Our House is Always Open: We encourage families to visit our campus and enjoy our events thoughout the year to really get a feel for the SI community by exploring the activities you are most interested in.  You will experience our campus in a more natural setting, rather than attending an Open House on one day with a very large number of visitors.  At your convenience, you will still be able to get a wealth of information about SI by viewing our Virtual Open House too.  You will find with these options that Our House is truly Always Open!

What to do:  Find a time in your busy schedule that you would like to tour SI (see options below).  It might be before or after an event you want to attend at SI.  Once on campus, you’ll check in at the main entrance, get a visitor’s pass and pick up a map of the school.  Feel free to explore the areas you are most interested in.  Even though this is a self-guided tour, you will find that there will be members of the SI community along the way who love to share their enthusiasm for SI and answer your questions.  Who knows… someone might even offer to give you a tour!

Self-Guided Tours

  • Self-Guided tours are allowed during the school year.
  • During the regular school year, please visit our campus between 3 p.m. – 5 p.m.
  • If you know someone who is part of the SI Community, you are more than welcome to include them in your tour during the hours above
  • Once on campus, check-in at the Main Entrance, get a map and a visitor’s pass
  • Please wear your visitor’s pass, so our community will be ready to welcome and assist you
  • If you have questions during your visit, please feel free to ask any member of our community
  • Be sure to check-out at the Main Entrance before you leave
  • After your visit, please let our Admissions Department know you took a campus tour HERE
  • Enjoy exploring the SI campus!

Performing Arts and Athletics Schedules

Arts and Athletics play a large role in student life at SI. We welcome and encourage prospective students and their families to come to a game, see a show, or attend a concert. Take a look at the schedules - we're sure you'll find something to fit your interests.


If you need assistance, please contact the SI Admissions Office.