The Wildcat Experience (Shadowing)

"New Visit Program for 2019"

The Wildcat Experience is for the eighth grade student who is interested in the possibility of attending SI for high school and wonders what a typical school day at SI would be like.  The Wildcat Experience will highlight the vibrant student body and the many opportunities available to a student at SI.

Parents of eighth grade students:  Don't miss our Prospective Parent Tour where you will have the opportunity to see the student body and campus in action during the school day, along with hearing from students, faculty, and administrators about the difference an SI education can make. 

Eighth grade students only are invited to make a reservation for The Wildcat Experience at St. Ignatius College Preparatory during the Fall 2019 semester.

Please check your school's calendar and STAR testing dates now to avoid conflicts when making a reservation in the future.  Many of the grammar schools have notified us that they have required testing, outdoor ed, and other activities during the months of September and October.  Students might want to check with the teacher(s) or principal of the school he or she now attends before making a reservation.

In fairness to all the 8th graders who desire a visit, if you cancel or do not show on your reserved date for The Wildcat Experience, we cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate you on a future date.  Those who have not made a reservation previously will have priority.  Typically, there will be high demand for The Wildcat Experience.

Make a Reservation for
The Wildcat Experience

We accommodated over 1,400 visit requests for The Wildcat Experience!

We hope our eighth grade visitors had fun during their time on our campus this Fall and were able to appreciate the life of an SI student.

Fall Dates for The Wildcat Experience
September 11 (Wednesday)
September 12 (Thursday)
September 13 (Friday)
September 18 (Wednesday)
September 19 (Thursday)
September 20 (Friday)
September 25 (Wednesday)
September 26 (Thursday)
September 27 (Friday)
October 2 (Wednesday)
October 3 (Thursday)
October 4 (Friday)
October 9 (Wednesday)
October 10 (Thursday)
October 11 (Friday)
October 23 (Wednesday)
October 24 (Thursday)
October 25 (Friday)
October 30 (Wednesday)
October 31 (Thursday)
November 1 (Friday)
Following dates added due to high demand:
November 6 (Wednesday)
November 7 (Thursday)
November 8 (Friday)
November 13 (Wednesday)

Time on campus for all dates above:
10:15 am to 3:00 pm

Note:  The Wildcat Experience is a smaller, more intimate program for the eighth grade student with more dates and less visitors on each day from previous years.  We appreciate your understanding of our limited availability on each date to better serve each eighth grade student.  We hope you can be flexible as dates become available, so we can accommodate your child and he/she can enjoy The Wildcat Experience!

The Wildcat Experience Information

Please make sure you have a reservation for The Wildcat Experience and have received a confirmation email, so we are prepared to give you the optimum day at SI!

The visiting 8th grade student will be on campus from 10:15 am to 3:00 pm.  Please plan to be on campus for the entire experience from 10:15 am to 3:00 pm.  We cannot accommodate early/late arrivals or early departures.
     1. Arrive between 10:15 and 10:30 am
     2. Drop off in front of the Gym*
     3. Register in the Gym foyer
         (Admissions staff & students will greet you)

     4. Wear grammar school uniform or follow the SI dress code
     5. Depart at 3:00 pm
     6. Pick up in front of the Gym*  (Arrive close to 3:00 pm to avoid being asked to circle the block.  SI parents will be picking up SI students from 2:30 - 2:50 pm, and we do not want you caught up in the traffic congestion at that time.)

* Parents:  SI will be providing curbside service with our security team to ensure your child gets checked in for The Wildcat Experience.  Drop off and Pick up will be via the drive through lane located in front of the Gym on 37th Avenue (between Quintara & Rivera Streets). 

• Lunch will be provided.  We will provide the Hot Lunch item offered on your date.  You may check (starting on Monday of the week you are visiting) to see the Hot Lunch item offered on your date here.   At this time, we are unable to accommodate special dietary requests.  You are welcome to bring your own lunch or purchase other food available from our cafeteria.  Since you will be on campus for an extended period of time, we encourage you to bring a refillable water bottle and/or cash to purchase drinks, snacks or other food items if desired.

• Eighth grade students will be assigned to an SI student who is a member of our Wildcat Welcoming Club (WWC).  WWC members apply to become SI ambassadors and complete a training program in order to escort student visitors.  WWC is a leadership opportunity for lower division students at SI.  An important part of an SI education is an openness to others, learning from peers of different backgrounds and cultures, and a willingness to go outside your comfort level in a safe environment.  Most likely, you will not know your WWC escort, but your escort wants to make your visit enjoyable and informative.  We encourage you to use this visit experience to ask questions.  Meeting new people and observing the SI community in action could be your first step in making your transition from grammar school to a high school college prep curriculum.

• The eighth grade student will attend 2 to 3 classes with their WWC escort.   The SI visit experience aims to give the student a feel for the academic environment at SI.  It may also highlight how the SI student can take academic risks that lead to growth in a supportive and safe environment.  The two or three classes the student observes may/may not be the specific subject of interest; however, the objective is for the student to have a broad view of the overall academic experience and the SI student body.  Our hope is for the visiting student to meet SI students of all grade levels to get a feel for how the SI community works together to help one another.

• The visiting eighth grade student will also view what happens on campus after school during The Wildcat Experience.  Co-curriculars are an important part of an SI education and are essential in the development of well-rounded individuals who learn to share their gifts and talents with the larger community.    

The Wildcat Experience is an optional program and has no bearing on the admissions decision.

Please feel free to explore our website for more information about SI.  Other opportunities to visit our campus and see our community in action can be found at:

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