Student / Parent Visits (Shadowing)

Our Student/Parent Visit Program (shadowing) has concluded for the 2018-2019 school year. We are glad so many eighth grade students and their parents were able to join us on one of our Visit Days (see information below). We accommodated over 1,500 visit reservation requests and 1,257 eighth graders attended this year.

We will post the dates for next year's Visit Days during the Summer of 2019.

2018 Visit Days available for 8th grade students and their parents:

Sept. 12 - Wed.               Begin taking reservations 8/30/18* "SOLD OUT"  
Sept. 19 - Wed. Begin taking reservations 8/30/18* "SOLD OUT"  
Sept. 26 - Wed. Begin taking reservations 8/30/18* "SOLD OUT"  
Oct. 3      - Wed.   Begin taking reservations 9/20/18* "SOLD OUT"  
Oct. 24    - Wed. Begin taking reservations 9/20/18* "SOLD OUT"  
Oct. 31    - Wed. Begin taking reservations 9/20/18*  

* Online reservations begin at 12:00 noon on the
     Thursday indicated above - 8/30/18 or 9/20/18
      (Be sure to refresh your page at 12:00 noon)

Click on the desired visit day to make your reservation



Please check for STAR testing dates at your school
before making a reservation to avoid conflicts.

Eighth grade students only are invited to visit St. Ignatius College Preparatory on one of the Wednesday mornings indicated above during the Fall 2018 semester.

Reservations are required and can be made starting at noon on the date indicated for the desired visit date.  Visitation spaces are limited to the first 175 eighth graders on each visit day.  All reservations are scheduled using the online link for the desired visit date (available on specified dates).  Due to the number of students requesting a visit to SI, we cannot accommodate students on multiple visit day lists.  If a student has made a reservation on more than one of the visit days, we will honor the earliest date and cancel all reservations on later dates.

Please check your school's calendar before making a reservation to avoid conflicts.  Many of the grammar schools have notified us that they have required testing, outdoor ed, and other activities during the months of September and October.  Students might want to check with the teacher(s) or principal of the school he or she now attends before making a reservation. 

In fairness to all the 8th graders who desire a visit, if you cancel or do not show on your reserved date, we cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate you on a future visit day.  Typically, we have high demand for our Visit Days.  Last year, we accommodated over 1,500 visit reservations and 1,283 eighth graders attended.


Visit Day Information

Visits will begin at 8:00 am and conclude at 11:00 am.

1.  Arrive between 7:45 - 8:00 am
2.  Register in the Carlin Commons
(through the courtyard gates located on 37th Avenue between Quintara and Pacheco Streets)
3.  Wear grammar school uniform or follow the SI dress code
4.  Depart at 11:00 am (pick up in front of the Gym located on 37th Avenue between Quintara and Rivera Streets)

Eighth grade students will be assigned to an S.I. student who is a member of our Wildcat Welcoming Club (WWC).  Because assignments are made the morning of the visit, we are unable to accommodate special requests for individual S.I. students or particular classes.  The eighth grade student will attend two classes and spend the recess period with the WWC member who is a freshman or sophomore student.  WWC members apply to become SI ambassadors and complete a training program in order to escort student visitors.  WWC is a leadership opportunity for lower division students at SI.  An important part of an SI education is an openness to others, learning from peers of different backgrounds and cultures, and a willingness to go outside your comfort level in a safe environment.  Most likely, you will not know your WWC escort, but your escort wants to make your visit enjoyable and informative.  We encourage you to use this visit experience to ask questions.  Meeting new people and observing the SI community in action could be your first step in making your transition from grammar school to a high school college prep curriculum.

We try to schedule the eighth grade student visitors into a lower and an upper division class, so they will have the opportunity to observe a class that they might be taking within the next two years and also experience a class that will challenge them three or four years from now.  The SI visit experience aims to give the student a feel for the academic environment at SI.  It may also highlight how the SI student can take academic risks that lead to growth in a supportive and safe environment.  The two classes the student observes may/may not be the specific subject of interest; however, the objective is for the student to have a broad view of the overall academic experience and the SI student body across all four years.  Our hope is for the visiting student to meet SI students of all grade levels to get a feel for how the SI community works together to help one another.

Parents of the visiting eighth grade student are invited to participate in a parallel program/tour with the Admissions staff during the same hours their child is visiting (8:00 am to 11:00 am).  A representative from the Admissions Office will give the parents a tour of the school and be available to answer questions.  SI parents will also be available to answer questions from a parent's perspective.  This component of our Student Visitation Program is entirely optional, but many prospective parents have found this visit very helpful and informative.  No additional reservation is needed for the visiting parent(s).

Our goal is to provide visiting students and parents with an informative visit during a typical school day at St. Ignatius College Preparatory.  We look forward to meeting you!

The Visit Program is an optional program and has no bearing on the admissions decision.

Please feel free to explore our website for more information about SI.  Other opportunities to visit our campus and see our community in action can be found at:

Open House

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