Discover your Direction at St. Ignatius

Each year, we receive inquiries regarding specific academic programs or “tracks” that are offered here.  At SI, we hope to provide a strong foundation of academic studies from which a student might explore his or her personal passion over four years of high school.  Instead of tracking students in a specific program that might limit their course choices, we give all students the ability to create a personalized course of study that is academically rigorous, yet also flexible to reflect changes in interest and developing abilities.

As such, all SI students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of honors/AP classes each year.  The typical student at SI takes four years of English and four years of Math in addition to three to four years of Science & Language.  Then, a student chooses from a wide variety of electives to create an optimized learning program.

Students who enter SI with a clear focus on what they would like to study, can tailor course selections in Science & Technology, the Fine & Performing Arts, the Humanities, or Service Learning.  In addition, we offer a wide variety of co-curricular opportunities in each of these fields to augment our academic program. 

Our goal is to help each student find a clear direction towards college and beyond.

Questions regarding Financial Assistance and Scholarship

Each year, we receive a number of questions regarding these two topics since each school seems to use scholarship differently.  Essentially, there are two types of assistance, need based and merit based.

Some schools offer students merit scholarships, rewarding students for achievements in the classroom, on standardized tests, or in other measures they see fit.  They may be named scholarships, and assigned to specific courses of study.

At St. Ignatius, all assistance provided is need based.  That means that the dollars provided for our families is based on ability to pay and is strictly a financial analysis.  We feel that the money provided from our endowment should be used to help create the most diverse and talented population.  Providing dollars for those who have the ability to pay is not the purpose of our endowment; rather to give an opportunity to those who may not otherwise have the means to gain the benefit of a Jesuit education is the goal.

An explanation on how we use the word scholarship at SI.  You may hear of a student at SI who was awarded a scholarship.  At our school this means that the family applied for, and received, financial assistance.  To honor the donors who have provided the funds for the assistance, we name the scholarship after a person, family or class.  For example, one of our many scholarships is the Class of 1955 scholarship.  The graduates of this class have contributed funds and we draw from these funds to provide the assistance.  This is our way of thanking the donors.

We hope this is helpful in understanding these terms and how they are applied here at SI.  For further information, please go to the Business Office website.