St. Ignatius
  1. Complete the Online Application  (available 9/10/2020)
  2. Submit On-Line Application by November 13, 2020 (by midnight)*
  3. Take Entrance Exam (HSPT) in December (remotely via online version)
  4. Attend Interview in January/February (via Zoom)

*Application Fee = $100
Applications are accepted after the Due Date of 11/13/2020, but the application filing fee is increased to handle and process applications received after this date; after 11/13/2020, the filing fee is $125; on 12/1/2020, the filing fee is $150.

If you are applying after Nov. 13:  Please keep in mind that all applicants to SI are required to take the HSPT.  If you are planning to take the HSPT through SI, we would need to receive the application before the testing date of December 5, 2020, in order to set up the remote online testing for the applicant.  We do our best to catch up applications received after the due date of 11/13/2020 with the applications submitted by the due date; however, some of the review steps may have already occurred.


  • Login to your online application account
  • Click on the applicant's name in the left column
  • Review the section that appears - "Action Items"
  • The "Action Items" section is your checklist
  • Required items and optional items appear in the "Action Items" section
  • The "Action Items" section has due dates and additional information for each item

Things to Remember:

The Entrance Exam is required for all applicants.

  • Interview date and time will be emailed to you by Friday, January 8, 2021.
  • The SI Admissions Office will request grades directly from your school.
  • The SI Admissions Office will request the confidential recommendation from your school.
  • If you forgot to download the Confidential Clergy Recommendation Form before submitting your application, it is available here for you.




What Our Parents and Students Say ...

SI senior Crystal Trinh started filming this music video on the first day of school in August of 2019 and she continued through the shelter in place with the help of the SI community.  It showcases the spirit of SI and lots of talent and fun!

"Who would have ever thought the 2019-2020 academic year would turn out like it did. It didn't stop the community from continuing to excel in academics and extracurricular activities!"

- Crystal Trinh '20

Created by Crystal Trinh
SI Class of 2020