St. Ignatius

Born as the second child in a family of four, two children and two adults, I came into this world on a cold January morning. Hi, my name is Yair Leon, and my life is kind of fun and crazy at times. My older brother, who is now a senior at SI, was always someone I looked up to and always there for me. He has a nice personality and has a strong will which means that when he sets out to do something he accomplishes it. My mom and dad have always been there for me as well and they comforted me whenever I needed it. My mom is very caring and always will be there no matter what. Also, she is very strict but can be fun whenever she wants to. My dad is somewhat of an oddball. He can be very funny and he is incredibly active in school. Now that I have introduced my parents and brother, let's talk more about me, the writer, and my life before I went to FSA. 

First, let’s talk about the school that I went to before which was called St. James Catholic School. It lies on Fair Oaks St. and 24th and is a good school. I was planning to stay at St. James for my elementary years but the school had switched teachers so abruptly that it was difficult for me to adjust to how they teach. Another issue was that we had not seen each other in person because we were still doing distance learning, which was extremely difficult for me to learn from. I still, however, did love the environment that the school had.

Second, we should talk about how I did in my previous school. I was a good kid– I rarely caused trouble and I had good grades. I hung out with my friends whenever I had the time and I also did my homework after school because we had an afterschool system for the kids who got picked up late. I was a veteran because I stayed there so frequently that in my 7 years of going to that school, I estimate I stayed there 50% of the days. I have always done well at that school, but that changed so dramatically during Covid that it was time that I had changed as well.

Third, let us talk about how I was introduced to FSA. My parents were worried that if I kept going to school at St. James I could not get into my dream high school, St. Ignatius. My parents were looking for any alternate options and so they contacted the current principal of FSA, Ms. Bayze, who we knew through my brother. I didn’t want to go to a school that was unfamiliar to me. I was afraid that I would stand out too much and that I would be alone. I was too frightened to go, but when I met the teachers in the interview and went there for the first time, I realized that I would be fine at this new school.

I don’t really know what type of talents I have, but some of my friends say that I am a talented volleyball player and that I have the potential to be a good volleyball player. My passions are about how hard people have worked on something like when someone tries hard to make a drawing or painting. Another passion I have is reading books, in particular books that some people may not read fully or might have harsh opinions about. I believe that all books have a good lesson, so I will read virtually anything!  My passion for books came from me reading the series Percy Jackson, which was created by Rick Riordan because I saw that books can tell a greater story than movies. The number of details that the books can tell you can make the book better. You can spend time on any book and you will be able to find some fine details in those books because of how the author writes it.

My passion for someone's hard work came from me seeing Vincent Van Gogh’s art museum because I saw his brilliant art in person. Seeing the different strokes that he made with a brush stroke on his canvas amazed me. I could tell how much time and effort each painting required, and how it was magnificently created.

My talent in volleyball came from me watching the anime named Hykui and also from me seeing the Olympic volleyball sports teams play. Through my own eyes, I saw how hard volleyball is and how much effort you put into it and I enjoyed the sport, so I decided to give it a shot. I enjoyed the sport and at my school, my friends and I decided to make a volleyball team and have some fun.

Those are the passions and talents that I have.

I need to grow in the following areas: physically, mentally, and academically. 

The reason that I say that I need to grow or that I want to grow physically is that I want to have the strength to confront my fears and to keep the people that are close to me protected. I want to be able to see my family and friends safe and to be someone who can protect them whenever I can. St. Ignatius can help me with this because there are classes that can teach me how to become stronger and teach me how to help people.

I need to grow mentally because my brain is somewhat like a computer and can sometimes not comprehend feelings that my friends have and it makes me confused. Also, it would help with the job that I want to do which is being a therapist. St. Ignatius will help me with this because the counselors there can help me understand the feelings that people feel that I am not able to comprehend.

The reason that I need to grow academically is that I want to know everything that I am able to learn so I can use it in my everyday life. I want to learn how to read and write, not only in Spanish but also in Italian, and be able to learn how to do any mathematics problem that would come my way

Growing physically, mentally, and academically will help me become the person I am meant to be.