St. Ignatius

Chapter 1: Who am I, you may ask? I am Xavier, a prodigy when it comes to math and sports. Since a young age, I have always been very self-reliant and open to improvement. An example of this was when I was little. I was only in the first grade. I remember seeing my sister doing multiplication and so I started asking her about it and wanted her to show me how to do it. To summarize, from a young age I have always wanted to learn and explore more academically. I am a naturally curious person! I was also skilled at math from a young age. This eagerness to learn more not only helped me to do better academically, but also helped me become a better person. Now because I know you, my readers, don't only want to know about my academics, I’ll tell you about me before FSA. My audience might know me as an open and very cheerful kid who is extremely energetic, but before FSA, I was a completely different person. I was actually extremely quiet, didn’t really trust people, and frequently got mad at small things. The reason I was quiet was because of my trust issues.

Chapter 2: Academically, I have grown a lot since the sixth grade. I can't even choose one assignment to show how much I was struggling at the start of FSA. When I was in the sixth grade, every time I attempted an assignment that I had no confidence I could do I would put my head down and cry. I would spend the rest of the class time crying.  Mr. Geraghty recalled, “I can remember Xavier not finishing his Ghost test because he was frustrated and put his head down for the rest of class.” I have grown a lot more academically since then though. If I get mad now as an eighth grader, I know to take a couple of deep breaths in order to calm down. This strategy   has really been working. I have finished a lot more assignments since I have started doing this. For example, on my most recent social studies assignment I had, I got frustrated because I didn't understand a question and I didnt know the answer. However, then I realized  moping and complaining wasn't going to get me anywhere, so I took some deep breaths and finished the test. I ended up earning  a B on the test because I didn't give up and kept trying. This is how I have grown academically.

Chapter 3: How have I grown as a person? About three years ago, I was a very immature kid who was always crying, never interacting with other kids, and incapable of expressing my emotions to others. I was quiet most of the time and at school anytime I had work I needed to do, I instantly gave up. The way I have grown up and improved from this is that now I am a much more of a social person even if I still keep my personal feelings to myself. I have also gotten a lot more mature as a person since then– I know when it is ok to be more relaxed and play around and when to take things seriously. Additionally, I can hold conversations with people much easier than before. Even though I do keep my feelings to myself, I am a very outgoing person. I've also started interacting with more people and trying to stand out more. Lastly, I haven't given up on things in school. This is how I have changed and improved as a person.

Chapter 4: Some passions and talents I have outside of school are things like sports, exercising, music, and art. For example, I have a very big passion for singing, which I have been doing  since I was 4 or 5. Even though I don’t think I’m the most  talented singer, I am very passionate about it. Some areas where I have been blessed with talents  are volleyball, baseball, track, and basketball. The reason I play sports and exercise is not to get in shape, but instead because of the team atmosphere where I can contribute and be a leader. I like having the chance to show how I can help others around me and sports give me that chance. Furthermore, I really enjoy drawing and other artistic activities because they make me extremely happy. Drawing is a way for me to express emotion and show people how I feel. It is an important outlet for me.  I find happiness in all these things and I enjoy doing them. However, the most important thing to me is the singing because that’s one way I connect to my mom. I’m excited to continue developing my passions and talents at SI.