St. Ignatius

Chapter Two: How have you grown as a scholar?
When I was in 6th grade, I struggled with time management. Sometimes I just didn’t want to do my work, so I just wouldn’t do it. I would always have missing work, and when I did complete my homework, I finished at 12am. This is why in 6th grade, I got mostly C’s and B’s. Eventually I got better with managing my time and putting more effort into my work. As a result, in 7th grade my grades improved to B’s and A’s; in 8th grade they have improved to all A’s.

Chapter Three: How have you grown as a person?
I have grown as a person by helping people around my school more. At the start of FSA, I wouldn’t willingly help anyone. Someone would have to ask or make me help. Now, I voluntarily help the teachers with passing out papers and other jobs around the classroom. I also help my classmates with homework and classwork that they don’t understand. Or, if a classmate isn’t caught up on work because they missed a day, I’ll explain the work that they missed. This is how I’ve improved over the years as a person at the academy.

Chapter Five: What does it all mean for your family?
To my mom, my success means the world. She’s watching  me bloom and become everything I  desire and dream. My mom’s vision of my success is for me to have a bright future, and to have a successful and compassion-filled life. It also means that I will become a smart adult with high self-esteem and self-worth. To my mom, I am a high achiever in everything I do. My success brings happiness and joy to her life now that she has done everything she was able to do for me to become as successful as I can be, and for that I am thankful.