St. Ignatius

Hi, my name is Steve Malone. I was born October 14, 2008 in San Francisco. I live with my mom, Doniesha, dad, Steve, and  sister, Isis. I went to Jose Ortega Elementary School from kindergarten to second grade. I was very happy there because my older sister also went there. She was in a higher grade, so I felt safe there. At Jose Ortega Elementary School I knew everyone, all the teachers and students, and all of these people knew me. When my sister graduated in 5th grade, I figured it was my last year there. My mom told me that I was going to a different elementary school and I was devastated. I couldn’t believe it, but I had to get over it. I guess I just told myself everything happens for a reason. My new elementary school, where I was able to start fresh, was Clarendon Elementary School. I literally knew no one at all, but I had to get through. However, through my journey at Clarendon, I met my very close friend still to this day, Caeden Hutcherson, who is at FSA with me about to graduate. I have known him for about 6 years now. Towards the end of my elementary school year, I was completely happy that my mom put me in that school. I met so many great new friends and had a solid group  to spend time with. I made lots of memories there. But the worst part about it was I was about to leave again. I hated that I had to graduate and leave Clarendon, but I was also happy that I achieved something in my life. I graduated elementary school satisfied. That day was a very bittersweet day, but there was a possibility that I would see my classmates again if I went to middle school with them. Everyone who graduated from Clarendon mostly went to Presidio Middle School. All my friends were going there, but that wasn’t the case for me. My mom told me “You're going to a school called FSA”. My first thought was “No! Mom, please no!” because I wanted to go to Presidio. Unfortunately, I didn’t really have a choice. I applied for FSA,  and later down the road I can see that it was one of the best decisions I made. I went to the orientation and I instantly knew I wanted to go there. I liked the community and the people there. On the first day I met some people. After that night I told my mom I liked it and I could tell she was very happy with my decision. Afterwards, I found out my friend Caeden was also going there, so it was nice to start somewhere with someone I knew. 

I have grown a whole lot as a scholar, academically. I feel like going into middle school in 6th grade, I had my mindset all wrong. Yes, I had lots of people telling me that middle school is way different than elementary school. It would be more challenging and I would have to level up as a student, but I didn't really pay attention to it. Coming out of elementary school, I had the best of grades and I thought middle school would be the same, but I was sorely mistaken. The first week everything was good and normal. But the following 2 months were bad. It was homework assignment after homework assignment from every class. I wasn’t used to it at all and I was stressed out, but on the bright side I handled it. I got used to it, started to settle in, and things were going ok, but I still had this slight problem. I was just barely trying on the homework, meaning that I wasn’t really putting my full effort into it. I was just trying to be the average student. Now, at the conclusion of my middle school experience, I have grown. I have learned that just being an average student, wasn’t going to cut it if I wanted to be something great. So I changed. This year I have started to put more effort and thought into everything I do– from the smallest homework assignment to the biggest project. I also feel like I have grown as a writer too. Everything took a big turn downhill when Covid-19 arrived. I was super frustrated that I had to work from home. It was like hell, but there was a positive impact that came out of that. I learned that I can’t just use the “I was working from” excuse. I would have to start taking responsibility for my mistakes. I feel like I have changed and grown a lot as a scholar here at FSA , and I will continue to grow. Online school taught me that I can fight through adversity and work hard. Growing is a very important part of life; everyone has to go through growth in some way, whether it’s positive or negative. It happens to everyone and I’m glad I’ve been able to grow in a safe space like FSA.