St. Ignatius

My name is Skyler Dawson, I was born February 26, 2008. I grew up with my mom, big sister and little brother. When my mom first told me that she wanted me to attend Father Sauer Academy, I was very excited, because Holly, a very close friend I grew up with, went there. I figured out about this school towards the end of my 5ht grade school year. I also had mixed feelings along with the process of coming to the school. How would the other kids treat me? Will I fit in?” These words repeatedly played in my head. I started second guessing this decision to attend a new middle school. That's when I told my mom I didn’t want to go anymore. I then started to look more into the school and that's when I saw more than just one person I knew who were students there already.  This made me want to go there again. I can remember walking into my mom’s room and telling her I wanted to give FSA a try.  Because it took me so long to decide, my mom and I had to rush to complete the application. I knew she was stressed about getting it done and didn’t want to tell me because she was trying to protect me. We were able to submit an application, but then I learned that to get into Father Sauer Academy, you had to take the test. This was the main priority. I was nervous, the week I had the test. I tried my hardest to keep my mind off of the test all week so I wouldn’t be nervous. The day that I shadowed the school and tested, I stayed with one person, Holly. When it was time for dismissal, I remember the question the principal asked me. She asked, “What was a rose for you?” I responded with, “I like the way the classes are set up.” After a couple of months I was playing outside with Holly when her mom bought me a paper saying I had gotten accepted. I was so happy I started screaming and running around the whole complex with Holly like a crazy person. That was a day  when I felt incredibly accomplished. 

The way I have grown most academically is in math. I increased my math scores on my MAP testing each time I’ve taken the test. I've also improved my grade.  I grew up in math because I feel more engaged in class. I have been growing mentally because I can understand topics more easily. I've also grown overall because I worked on controlling my emotions. I have learned to just listen and not to rush through my work. Skyler at the beginning of sixth grade would not turn in work consistently or turn in rushed work, but now at the end of my middle school career I am doing that!