St. Ignatius

Before I joined Father Sauer, I didn’t want to go to FSA. I went to Bayshore Elementary School and liked my friends. I thought I would stay at the school I was attending and be there until 8th grade. The school was pretty similar to FSA where there were only a handful of kids per grade. Every day after school, I would walk up to this building where The Boys and Girls Club took place. I went there because my mom worked a job where she got off work at 5:00. She was never able to pick me up, so I went to The Boys and Girls Club and spent lots of time with my old friends in the afterschool program. I made a bunch of memories there and life was great to be honest. That is until one day, my mom sat me down and we had a talk. My godmother, who has connections with SI, told her that she wanted to help me try to get into a private high school if I went to a middle school called Fr. Saur Academy. She recommended me because she thought I was really smart and loved the way I was “enthusiastic” when I spoke of the things I liked. I hated this idea and wanted to stay where I was. I’ve never enjoyed going through huge changes, even if they were good or bad. Either way, I was forced to because my mom didn’t want to give up such an opportunity. I thought FSA was going to be a school where no one interacted with each other, and everyone was a straight A student; like in those movies where they show people acting like robots with a boring life. But soon, I would find out I was wrong. Once I attended, I realized that there was help for people who didn’t have straight A’s. I also made a group of friends. In the end, I have truly enjoyed my time at  the Fr. Sauer Academy and it has been a great experience.

Something that I became passionate about recently is playing the electric guitar. I started learning how to play around September 2021 and I found it very interesting. I learned to play pretty well in around 3 months because I wasn't very consistent and played like twice a week. I hope to keep gaining experience as I head into highschool and get better. A social justice issue that has affected my life is the injustice immigrant parents have to bear when coming to the U.S from a different country with their kids. This has affected me by changing my whole lifestyle and how I was raised. We came to the U.S with nothing but a very limited amount of money to spare and connections with friends my mom had when she was last here. I hope I can one day work to make the lives of immigrant parents easier.

I want to be someone who people can rely on and a person who others can look forward to seeing. That is my overall goal in what kind of a person I want to become. I want to have a career path that lets me retire early. In order to achieve that, I plan to become a real estate agent, software engineer, or start my own business. Those are the 3 options of what I want to do in the future. Going into SI is a huge opportunity because it will give me the education I need and preparation for achieving this. Another thing I want to achieve is retiring early without living on such low expenses. I want to be able to travel the world with people I love and buy things I dreamed of having as a child, even if it means working until I’m 50.