St. Ignatius

Hello, my name is Mark Phillips III and I grew up in San Francisco, CA. When I was younger, my cousins used to come over and we would play on the xbox 360. We played games like Call of Duty Ghost, WWE, Left 4 Dead, and many other games. We stayed up all night playing video games and would eventually fall asleep on the couch. In addition to playing video games, I also played real-life sports. I’ve played football, soccer, baseball, and track growing up.  I was very good at all of the sports I played and gave everything I did the best version of me. I knew how to score a goal with a soccer ball, run as fast as a track star, and hit a ball with a bat. The sport I played the longest is football. I was extremely good at it and would score touchdowns almost every game, but I had to stop at 10 years old because my mom thought I would get injured. After my big leave from football, I started playing a new sport that I didn’t know much about which was called basketball. The first time I shot a basketball was in 3rd grade when I was playing outside at school. It struck me as interesting because I wanted to learn how to shoot the basketball into the hoop. Basketball has become fun since I learned how to play it. Before I came to Fr. Sauer Academy, I went to two schools. I went to Rooftop from K-4th and KIPP Bayview Academy for 5th grade. They were both great schools where I met a lot of new friends. The school I enjoyed most was KIPP Bayview because many of the teachers were of my color and I felt comfortable around them. The kids there were just like me and I had a lot of fun around them. We laughed, played outside, and, most enjoyably, balled out as a basketball team. At the start of 4th grade, I learned that my sister was going to this new school that just opened up. This school was giving a big opportunity for all the people of color and giving them a scholarship from 6-12th. My mom wanted me to go there since my sister went. I knew that going to this school would be the beginning of my journey and great change for me.

Things that are very important to me are sports, family, playstation, and my friends. I find happiness in all four of these areas as they make me happy everyday. Family is my main source of happiness, as I see them everyday. I laugh, make jokes, watch movies, and eat with them. Through every experience, I have so much fun and wish the fun would never stop. My siblings and my mom always have my back whenever I need help and give me support for things I don’t understand. Sports are another big area in my life that is important to me. I specifically like to play basketball, football, and track. They’re important to me because whenever I do well in them, I am filled with happiness. I can have fun with my friends in sports and play on the same team as them. The last thing that is important is my playstation. I have made so many memories on it and I can play different games like 2k, Call of Duty, and Fortnite with my friends. It is where I am happy because I can laugh, relax, and compete with my friends. Also, I can practice new moves I learn and use them in games. Lastly, I enjoy my playstation because it helps me calm down and relax, which is necessary after our long school days!

I want to be a successful person who goes to college, does well in sports, and enjoys life. I want to grow into a more social teenager and better basketball player. The reason why I want to become better at basketball is so I can join the SI basketball team. Being a part of this team is important to me because it will elevate my game and bond me with a group of teammates. Also, I want to become better at my social skills, so I can learn to talk to new people and socialize more with my friends. I want to expand academically in math and develop my speaking skills when in front of a large crowd.  I want to expand my math skills, so I can take honors classes that involve using math and get more prepared for the next stages. I want to grow with my speaking skills, so I won’t be as nervous when speaking in front of large groups of people. I want to be a kind person who helps others when they need it most. Overall, I want to be successful in my education and career.