St. Ignatius

Chapter One: Who were you?
When I was in Elementary school, it was really hard for me including friendships and learning. I went to two schools. The first school I went to was Paul Revere Elementary School. I went there for kindergarten, all the way to the beginning of 5th grade. As time went by during that school, I knew that it wasn’t the school for me. I wasn’t getting the education I needed because of the teachers that taught me. That’s when I moved schools and went to Daniel Webster Elementary School. I was only there for a year and it was pretty great. I made friends on the first day and learned a bunch of new information that I hadn’t learned before at my old school.  I was so happy. The teachers there were nice and knew the correct way of teaching for my learning style. Then,  towards the end of 5th grade, my mom heard about FSA from a friend of hers who I’ve known since I was a toddler. She told my mom about the school and my mom told me. When I first heard about FSA, I was already looking at another private school, named Rise Preparatory. I already wanted to go there, but my mom told me maybe I should take a look at FSA and learn about it. Finally, I gave in and went on the website to see what FSA was. I watched a video and after, I loved it! It looked so cool, and it made me change my opinion about where I wanted to go for Middle School. So after a few months of doing what I had to do to get in, including shadowing the school, interviews, and applications, I got a letter in the mail saying I got in! I was so content and filled with excitement. I knew that when I made it in, more amazing things would appear and everything would be positive. And guess what? I was correct!

Chapter Two: How have you grown as a scholar?
In elementary school, I usually did pretty well academically. I tried hard and turned in my homework and got mostly A’s and B’s. But that changed when I got to FSA. An assessment I did poorly on was my first social studies test. I got a C, which made me a bit discouraged. But as time went by, I learned that I could get better if I just try harder. And I did! Every time we had a test, I studied more and practiced in different ways, especially with friends and family. And now, in the 8th grade, I’ve gotten way better. Every time we have a test, I’m always getting A’s and B’s! I’m glad I have achieved more and become better at comprehending what I was doing on the tests’. I’m proud of myself for how far I’ve come.

Chapter Three: How have you grown as a person?
How I’ve grown as a person is giving to others. In December 2021, I helped many homeless people here in San Francisco during Christmas time. It is an organization named Us 4 Us that was founded by Damien Posey, aka Uncle Damien. He gives kids chances to do better in life and become better people. I decided to help out with his organization and become someone better. Some other kids and I gave out blankets and hygiene supplies to many homeless people who needed it during the cold weather. After I did that, I felt like I lived out many of the PLLUSS verbs: unite, serve, and lead. I united because many kids got together to do something amazing that many people don’t do enough of. I served because I worked with people who weren’t at their best stage of life. They needed support and I was able to help them in that way. And I led because I took initiative and set an example for how someone should act. I’m glad I was part of Us 4 Us because it made me realize how blessed I am. Many people don’t have the same opportunities as me, especially going to a school like FSA. So I’m very thankful and grateful. That’s how I’ve grown as a person.