St. Ignatius

What does it mean to be successful? To answer this, you would have to decide what success is to you; and how you measure that success. To me, success is a never-ending feeling that can change as you navigate through life. You can have great success, but you can also have small successes, both are equally important. Each time you set a goal, no matter how big or small, you have given yourself an opportunity to feel success. I feel successful each day that I wake up and accomplish my goals for that day.  
To live a good life, you need three things: happiness, support and opportunities. Once you decide on what makes you happy, you can start working towards that, and with the support from your friends and family and opportunities along the way, your life will have meaning, which is what makes your life good! Everyone will have a different opinion on what makes a life “good” so most importantly, focus on what makes your life meaningful.
To graduate high school is a right of passage. One major part of my life will be ending and the next chapter is starting. I will have reached the finish line for my first marathon! I think back on the first day of kindergarten, when I was a sad kid saying bye to my parents as I prepared to take on this huge school with unfamiliar faces….to my first day in middle school, where I felt that same helpless feeling, yet I wasn’t as scared. I know that one day I’ll be crossing the stage to receive my high school diploma, and at that moment; I’ll feel success yet again!

I want to grow mainly in my academics and specifically my grades. Becoming stronger in all aspects of my learning so my grades can improve would make me a more well-rounded person. A way I can do this is by getting the help I need while going to St. Ignatius. I know I can always ask my teachers and coaches for help. My ultimate goal in life is to become a successful lawyer/entrepreneur and live the most prosperous life possible. St. Ignatius can help me live out these goals and complete them by giving me the courses and academics to help me achieve a higher education. While these will all help me, the main thing is SI will teach me to become stronger in PLLUSS Verbs . Even though SI doesn’t use the PLLUSS verbs explicitly, I know FSA based these verbs on what SI wants their students to be. I want to become more responsible because it will teach me to manage aspects of my life and be able to be efficient with the heavy workload I know I’ll experience. It will teach me to persist better and become a stronger individual overall. Along with those two, I will become more of a leader since I will be going into a school with a significantly bigger student population. For a lot of middle school, I have felt like a big fish in a small pond. SI will give me the opportunity to become a big fish in a big pond, swimming alongside many other talented fish. Along with that, I will unite and help bring positivity and foster community with people, which helps me love more. I will also serve my community and help in any way I can. Helping others is the morally correct thing to do. If I have the chance to help others, I know I need to do that. I have been given a great deal, and I have a great deal to give back.