St. Ignatius

Before I came to Father Sauer Academy, I went to a public school called Sunset Ridge in Pacifica, California. It was a decent-sized school  with teachers and students. One thing I really loved about that school was that you had a chance to make a friend. Everyone there was always loving to me and my first day there in pre-k, I made like 3 friends. I have vivid memories of that first day. We went straight to a dog puzzle and completed it. They made me try something new and to this day, doing puzzles is one of my favorite things to do. And during those years I was at that school, I made friends with whom I have made really wonderful memories. One of my best friends came to that school in 4th grade and ever since then we have been incredibly close. He and I do almost everything together. Something that made it great is he lives walking distance from me so we hang out every other day. I have many great friends that I still talk to from that school. Another aspect of elementary school that I enjoyed is my old school had a big play area outside and my younger brother, Solomon, my grandpa, and I would always go up to and play baseball. My sister, mom, and grandma would sometimes come too. I played there, practicing and having fun for most of my life. That is another thing that stuck with me my whole life. We would play baseball and that made me really love the game. Since then, my dream has been to play in the MLB, with a related goal of  helping out my family. I know that going to school, particularly  a good school like SI, will help me get to my dream, which will help me support my family so I can show my gratitude to them for all the things they have done for me and my siblings. Baseball has been an opportunity to  make many new friends as well. When I was younger, I used to travel and make new friends and that was amazing. It made me have a desire for the rest of my life to keep making  new friends and exploring the world. 

Something that is really important to me is my family. They have been with me since I was born and will always be there for me. If I’m ever sad or mad they are there to calm me down. My favorite thing is that my baby sister, who is 8 years old, knows how to make quesadillas and she always surprises me with them when I get home or after my practices. I can’t even explain how good they are. She puts something in them to make it taste so good. You should text my mom and have my sis make you some. My family supports me in my dreams of playing professional baseball. Baseball is so important to me because it’s something we have done as a family since I can remember. Some of my fondest memories involve going to a park or playing around at someone’s house or in our backyard. They have helped me in all ways and got me to where I am today. I’m so thankful I have the best family.