St. Ignatius

What does this all mean to my family? My mom and dad always envisioned a bright future for me and made sure that I would be successful. They are very proud to have me and want to keep me on a straight path. My dad didn’t have any parents and my mom moved out here when she was a teenager from Samoa. Neither of my parents have graduated, so they are making sure that we are great kids and are bound to do well in school.  When I was born, my dad made up his mind that my sister and I were going to be great and successful people. No one has really made it to college in my family so my parents push me to keep going everyday to reach my goals. It’s a blessing if I do great in life including going to college and finding myself in the world. It shows that my hard work is paying off and that I have dedicated time to God and myself. This all means to be the best human being that I can be and get to a platform where I have the ability to help others by being a role model. 

I want to  be able to improve and grow as a whole person overall. I want to become a more mature person and a someone who is steps closer to his goals. I want to become a person that people can look up to. I want to inspire people to do better and remind them that it’s okay and that if you put the time and effort into something, you’ll get back what you give. I want to have a great image and be someone who people can look at and say how great of a person he is. I want to become someone that people can always seek help from and someone that everyone gets along with. I want to become more of a leader and also be a loving and caring person. I want to be a motivator and someone to lift up others around me. I believe that Saint Ignatius is going to shape me to be a better person and form me to be a  caring, capable leader.