St. Ignatius

As a student, I’ve grown a lot. I’m starting to see more clearly why staying on top of my work is important. It’s very challenging for me to stay focused on my work and I try my hardest to stay attentive. I also try to help other classmates when they need assistance. When I feel confused, I sometimes get nervous asking the teacher, but I am getting better at it because I know that the teachers can help. Instead of just going straight on my phone when I go home, I do my work before everything so I get it done and I know I have it completed. 

Something that is very important to me is soccer. I have played soccer my whole life and it’s something that brings me joy. It has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I feel happy and peaceful when I play soccer. It’s kind of like nothing else matters. When I play soccer, I am able to forget about everything and everyone and I just play. In my opinion, I am pretty talented at soccer but I want to continue to get better. I put most of my focus on soccer after school. I know that in order to get anywhere in soccer, I have to be good in school so that’s why I try my hardest to keep my grades up.  Soccer also makes my family members proud of me and I want to show them that I can make it somewhere.