St. Ignatius

My name is Loren. I'm currently 13 years old, I live with my mom and dad and I have one little brother named Jorge. To help my family out, I sometimes take care of my brother. Some things I do are, brush his teeth, make breakfast, and read to him at night. I heard about this school through a program my friend went to, but I had to give up some things to be able to come here. For example, on my last day of 5th grade, my whole grade was going to go to Sky High, but that was the same day I was invited to go to FSA to Shadow. Although I had to miss out on such an event, I don’t regret it because I made lots of good memories here. One I can remember was when I went to Caritas, I hiked there and discovered new plants and animals. When I arrived at FSA, I only knew two people because they went to my old school. I was acquainted with one, but the other not so much. Soon, I got along with my classmates and the FSA community felt like a second family to me.