St. Ignatius
Keira (Quinn)

My name is Quinn. I am 14 and I go to Fr. Sauer Academy as a scholar. Before I went to Fr. Sauer, I was a dramatic and oblivious kid. My parents are divorced and I lived with my mom at the time. Those  years were full of memories containing me constantly lying to myself. I remember going to my elementary school was like free time away from my household. Not many kids see school as an escape like I did! I secretly really liked school; however, I did not like the vicious amount of homework and extra stress school put on me. Throughout my life, my one hobby that has kept me from overthinking is drawing. Drawing is and always has been my favorite hobby. I did it to cure all the stress and anxiety I’ve ever gone through. This all shows that I’m a creative kid who has gone through a lot in my short life.

As a person, I really expected for my weird personality to stay the same way growing up. However, I managed to improve my ways and become a better person. I feel like people appreciate me now, but back then, I didn’t expect for myself to “glow-up.” I’ve gotten better at school and I even improved my art style, which was a massive improvement for me personally. I wanted to change my ways, I wanted to improve my mind. I figured out ways for myself to become the way I am right now. I’ve grown even more confident in myself over the years and I’ve learned to love myself the way I am. 

I want to be an artist, maybe a musician or a drummer. I still want to improve my art style for a better future full of my art and my expression, and  maybe even learn how to use pastels and learn how to paint. I’m really excited to go to St. Ignatius because I would love to attend the art classes. It would be so entertaining for me, and I even get to show off my talent. I hope to succeed and continue to grow as a teenager.