St. Ignatius

I used to be a normal student at an average elementary school called Park Elementary School. I loved my school. Most of my friends attended that school. I also was a kid who needed a lot of help on homework. I joined a program called Homework Central, which also took place at my school. It lasted about 3 hours everyday. I loved my life. It was a Friday when my life changed. I was having a math quiz that day, which was my only worry. The day passed and school ended. As always, I had Homework Central, which was right next door to my classroom. After class, I entered our room and started doing my homework. The TA’s always let us have a break after we were finished with our homework, so after I finished my homework, I went and played outside. I remember that it was raining a lot that day, so the grass was all muddy. I really liked playing soccer, but the mud stopped me from playing. My friends were playing on the muddy grass and I thought to myself, “If they haven’t fallen, then that means it’s safe to play.” Minutes later, after I got on the muddy grass, I slipped and fell on my back. I got all dirty in the mud. I wasn’t having the best time of my life. Teachers told me I had to sit inside the building until my parents arrived. I was really nervous thinking about what my parents would say about the mess I was. However, when they arrived, they had the biggest smile I had ever seen on their faces. My Homework Central Principal was also there. This was pretty awkward to me because they were all smiling for no reason. That was when they told me about FSA. They told me everything I needed to know. I was really pumped when I heard that I could qualify for FSA. But at the same time, I was sad because I would be at a different school than my friends. Like always, my parents told me that I could make new friends at my new school. So here I am. Now I’m an 8th grader about to graduate middle school at the Father Sauer Academy.