St. Ignatius

I remember not having the best education at my old school, but then my teacher told me about a school called FSA. I had never seen or heard about the school before.  My old teacher told me about it and said that her friend was the director. As a  5th grader,  I didn't really know why she was telling me this, but I listened closely because I knew that this was going to be a great next 3 years. Although it was a struggle getting in because of all of the hard work, it all paid off. I am happy about how much smarter I’ve become and how I am as an individual. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of differences between FSA and my old school. The teachers at my old school did not challenge me like the teachers at FSA do. The teachers didn't push me like the teachers at FSA do. Even though the teachers were nice at my old school, they didn't help if you didn't know the work. You just didn't know the work, there was no support. I wanted to do the work, which is why I’m thankful for FSA.