St. Ignatius
Diego M.

I, Diego, was a lazy, unprofessional 5th grader who didn’t know anything about FSA nor SI. I liked my school, even when I had some hard days. When I first heard about a new middle school program opening at SI, I didn’t think much of it because it was a private school. Without much thought, I decided to not go to FSA at first because I was leaning towards seeing my friends at school rather than focusing on FSA and my education. Eventually, I found out that my 5th-grade teacher knew the director here at FSA. My family was very excited about hearing about this new school. They tried so hard to convince me to go to the new school by saying things like, “This is a one-time opportunity. Take advantage of it. You’re going to regret it if you don’t.” After the politics and the mind games from my family, I finally started looking at the bigger picture. I saw the benefits of this school, and where it would get me in life. Then I thought, “I guess I can apply, I’ll give it a shot.” And now I’m graduating. I really, really appreciate my 5th-grade teacher and my family for helping me have the best education possible and getting me into this great environment with teachers and friends.

Being here at FSA has probably been one of the best and most joyful experiences in my life. I’ll forever remember this school and how I’ve grown since the very beginning. I’ve definitely grown both academically and personally. Personally and spiritually, I’ve felt more close to God in ways like when eating lunch, I find myself grateful for the righteous food I have, being with and for others, and being made in the image of God. At FSA, we have classes like Religion and Wellness. In these classes, we do activities based on relationships where you see God in your daily life, anxiety, social awareness, privilege, gender equality, etc. These subjects are very detailed and connect deeply and personally to me because everyone typically experiences these types of topics at least once in their life.

I love structures and buildings and its engineering design. I’ve always pictured myself creating a huge mansion with cool hidden features. Usually in my free time, I’d create buildings or create a graph of how some vehicle would look like inside. Other things important to me consist of gender equality, no more gentrification, racial equality, LGBT equality, etc. I believe everyone has the right to live and live freely in their own chosen way. This is a free country, yet many beliefs are directed towards either women and how society believes they’re supposed to act feminine, many crimes or deaths involve people of color, and many hate crimes and sometimes even homicide cases affect people in the LGBTQ+ community. I hope to succeed in my vision and plans as I slowly move into a new era in my life.