St. Ignatius

Hello, my name is Deshon and I was born in San Francisco, California. I do not know where to start off, so let’s just say, a lot of things happened before I entered FSA. I grew up in a not so good neighborhood, but the household I lived in was lovely. It was me, my mom, my grandma, my great grandma, and my grandfather. I used to go to school at Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy. It was originally where my mom went to school K-5th. Most of my teachers looked at me as one of their children. Also, the coach there was so nice! I felt like everyone at that school was my second family. I also had a tremendous amount of love for sports, mainly basketball. Don't get me wrong-- I did play football, but my mom thought I was going to get hurt. I was tremendously good at it too! I also played soccer, which was actually a fun sport to play. I actually know how to do some cool moves in soccer too. However, basketball has always been my true love. The first time I touched a ball was when I first started walking and my love for basketball ever since has been strong. I used to watch highschoolers play a lot, but now they’re in the NBA. One day when I was at home in 4th grade, my grandma was telling me about FSA and told me I should go, so we called. Then they told us to call back when I was in 5th grade moving on to 6th, they gave us a date, and we were on top of it. We called them on the exact day they had given to us. So I thought, a young African American, who grew up in the hood, and had a big opportunity like this! I knew this was gonna be a big change in my life. Also, I knew this was only the beginning of my journey.

Things that are important to me are sports-- mainly basketball. I’ve been playing basketball since I was able to pick up a ball. I actually take hooping so seriously that I want to go to the NBA. One of the reasons I hoop is because I am a black male who grew up in the hood. You might think to yourself what does that have to do with hooping? Well, it’s important because I need to show people that I can make something of myself. I need to show people that I can be something in life, and that just because I grew up in an unsafe neighborhood with some bad influences does not mean that I cannot stay on the right path. I need to make sure that people realize not all African American kids choose to go bad routes.

How I need to grow is that I still need to continue to chase my dreams, which are going to the NBA. I feel like Saint Ignatius can help me with this dream because they provide good structure in every category in the whole school. Saint Ignatius will help me with sports and work. Their training is good, as well as their academics. I feel like me going to SI will help me get ready for my future, and give me more information about life in general. I also want to go here because I know that this is a massive opportunity for me, a once in a lifetime opportunity. I know that every teacher and student at SI will support me to accomplish my goals.