St. Ignatius

Since I’ve been attending FSA, I’ve grown as a person in many ways. The community I’ve been around helped me so much. Coming to FSA, I’ve had great opportunities to show my leadership with things such as joining the student council, being volleyball team captain, doing speeches in front of huge crowds, helping potential FSA applicants, and many more. So, I would say coming to FSA has shown me how much of a leader I can be and how much I’ve grown. Another one of the main things I’ve done when coming to FSA is making friends and memories with them. Before FSA, I never had fellow classmates that I knew I’d be close to for a long time, but being at FSA for only these past 3 years, I’ve made so many more memories with the class of 2025. I am so happy to be able to have experienced so many great times with every single one of them and they have helped me and shown that they are not just my classmates, but a family and I won’t ever forget them. Not only have I improved my leadership skills, but also I’ve made a whole new family with the people around me.

This opportunity that I have been given to be here at FSA and SI has meant so much to my family. My parents didn’t have the easiest life growing up. My dad didn’t get to graduate high school and my mom didn’t get to go to college. My parents had to work very hard just to be able to provide for me and my siblings. They don’t want the same for us. They want us to graduate high school, go to college, get jobs, and start a life and not have to worry about getting held back by mistakes. The reason I and everyone else should work their butt off to be the smartest kid in my class, or be the best at sports, is not only for me, but also to show my family that they didn’t raise me to do nothing with my life. I want to make my parents proud and I only have one life, so why waste it doing nothing, and living unhappily? My parents remind me and my siblings all the time to do something great with our lives and to try our best in all we do, and I plan on doing just that.