St. Ignatius

An experience that has helped me grow as a person was when I went to a funeral. The grandma of my cousins died, and it was a sad day and people were crying. My cousins talked about some moments that showed how they had loved her and how they wished they could see her. But, the priest at the service said death was unavoidable. He said we shouldn’t be sad because God had opened the doors to heaven for his children, so they would never really die in the true sense. He showed people God didn't simply abandon them, and that  this was just a temporary goodbye. I had asked a teacher about what happened to the children who died and never had a chance to do wrong and they told me that God was kind and sent them to heaven so, I was taught this before the funeral, but didn't really think too much about it until that day. This experience has taught me that even though life is short, it's important to make an impact.