St. Ignatius

Who was I? Well, I was a kid who was really shy when I started school. I was the biggest mama’s boy when I was at school, but I grew up and started getting used to school around first or second grade. The school I went to was called Starr King Elementary School. When I entered that school, I was exposed to many things like sports and new people. The very first day of school, my mom went with me up those three sets of stairs and came upon a clipboard and list that was for a soccer team. She saw it, walked over to it, and told me she was going to sign me up. I begged her not to do it over and over again. I even started crying, but she did it anyway. I was always quiet and serious in school and everyone who knew me would tell my mom how reserved I was and she knew that. Whenever we used to be out in public together, people would say hi to me and I would say nothing and she would always let them know I was shy. This was a problem in school too. Every teacher conference I had from first to fifth grade, my teachers would tell my mom I was always quiet and shy. However, in my 5th grade conference, I expected something different because my vice principal told me about a middle school that was connected with this high school called Saint Ignatius. He told me he noticed a lot of the work I had done and thought I would be a good student there and I would hear more about it in my conference. When I heard about this school, I only knew that it was a private school and I never thought about going to one. My mom had already had high schools planned out for me. 

That day, I went home and told my mom about the private school the vice principal told me and my friend about. She got so excited and happy I got this opportunity. Then I remembered one of my best friends had recently gotten into the same private school that I was going to apply to! He had told me that he had to read a book to get in, but I didn't really pay attention to it because I was in 4th grade. Little did I know I would get this same opportunity as him and the same book as him ,”Fish In a Tree!' I remember when they first gave us this book, so many thoughts went through my head. “I never knew middle school was like this!” “Why this book?” “There are too many pages!” and “I'm never going to finish this!” My mom wanted me to read everyday so I could do my questions and finish the book. This middle school prevented me from doing fun activities at my after school program or at school because I would have to fill out a form during recess or read. I thought I wasn't going to make it and I was doing this for no reason. Later on, I saw how big of an opportunity this was so I kept working, went to the meetings, and shadowed for a day. Then, towards the end of 5th grade, we got a letter saying I got accepted. I was happy but my mom was even happier for me. While they were all excited, I was really thinking, “I wonder how hard this school will be.” I went back to school the next day telling my teacher and she was so happy and excited, but I asked my friend if he made it and told me he was going to a different school instead. This made me think about talking to others and adapting to the community at school because once I graduated I wouldn’t see my elementary school friends anymore. 

Over the summer, my mom couldn’t stop talking about the school. The way I grew and thought about things have completely changed, I start to think deeper about things and make better choices and actions.  My mom would always ask me if I was ready for the school and I would just say, ”I guess.¨ The way I started thinking about school is just about listening. If you listen, you will know how to do your homework. If you listen, you will know whats going on in class, If you listen, you will be prepared,  And me, I was never a fan of school, so everyday I would wake up and tell myself just to get it over with, go in there, listen, and finish your work so that you can have free time to do other things besides being stressed about school. If you listen in school, you can gain information for your future. For example, History can help you determine what you want to be like . Although I struggle here and there in some parts of class of history, it helps me grow and learn more. I think of being an archaeologist if soccer doesn't work out for me. I can use all my knowledge I know and use it. A teacher that helps me learn about the history of this world is Mr. G. He has helped me a ton, by letting me understand things clearly and teaching me all I know now like past history in the B.C. days or present history and what's going on in our world today that's becoming history. I appreciate all my teachers from first to eighth grade for giving me all the knowledge I have now and helping me grow even more and learn more so I can reach my full potential, and helping me become the person I am today.