St. Ignatius

Final Reflection

My family will always be the group of people who will support me no matter what. My job, as an older sibling, is to be a role model to my siblings and to lead them on the right path. My parents are extremely grateful that this opportunity to attend FSA and SI was given to me. They have always told me that I was a smart girl and I was always thinking of new ways to learn, wanting to know more. They want me to always reach for the stars because anything is achievable if I do all the hard work. My dad always tells me the sky is the limit. He wants me to be better than he ever was because he doesn’t want me to be in the same position as him. My mom always tells me to embrace who I am. My dad used to tell me that my mom would hold her head down all the time. But when she met my dad, she held her head up high, embracing who she was. I want to learn how to hold my head high and to keep pushing through the hard times, no matter how rough it gets. My parents are very excited for me to go to SI and to spread my wings and take flight.