St. Ignatius

Final Reflection

How have I grown as a person?

I have grown as a person in middle school by trying to do what I’m supposed to do, which has helped me become more responsible. I have also been preparing for my confirmation. I was going to a youth group as part of my community service hours. This was a time where we all just came together and got to learn and feel the presence of God. I also got to reflect on my day and have conversations with others and God. Also, I feel like the FSA community is very loving. We all try to respect each other as well as creating a strong bond. This helps me feel confident and safe.

What are my talents/passions?

I think a talent I have is being a good relationship builder. Another thing that is important to me is my family. A social justice issue that is important to me is fair and accessible education. I think that everyone should be able to have a good education. I believe I’m called to leadership by my community and surrounding myself in my commitment to justice. I feel like there are many smart and bright kids who can’t get a good education because of their background or because they can’t afford it. I want to change that.

What does this all mean for my family?

My success to my family means I have a good education and a job that will help me succeed later on. Me graduating from high school means that I have accomplished what I’ve had to, and I’m ready to start my new journey. It also means my family has graduated with me. They had the courage to move here from a different country to give us a better life and opportunity, which is when I was born here. They knew that our education was our best opportunity as well as having a better life here. Success to me means that I have finished school and I am now ready to start my life, and I’m ready for my career.