St. Ignatius

Final Reflection

A way I have grown as a scholar at the Fr. Sauer Academy is becoming more mentally mature. I don’t get distracted or laugh at things that I know are not necessary like I used to. I have also grown academically because I have improved a lot in MAP testing, as shown by my scores. They have improved from over 30 points over my middle school career, far above the national average.  Another way I have grown is by being able to make new friends in different grades  by talking to them and interacting with them at school. A way I can make myself better at school is by being able to go up in class and present in front of my class and not get nervous when I’m presenting. I can make myself better by being able to manage my time at school and at home to be able to finish all my homework and have time to do other things I want to do. I have become a better person at the Father Sauer Academy because I have learned how to be successful which will carry on when I go to St. Ignatius.